Zarak-Zine is part of one of the oldest nations of Terrainia, founded several millennia ago. When Abixlion corrupted the noble dwarf race and almost brought to extinction. All but a single clan of dwarves were turned to Zariger, led by the most powerful of warriors, the Zar. These warriors, guided by Abixlion, took their advanced knowledge gifted them by Theik, and twisted into machines of death and destruction. In a few short centuries they conquered the entire world, except the lone island of Dasima and the inhospitable north and south lands, but across the world humanity and many other races

The machines they built, along with the use of advanced weaponry, allowed them to keep an iron grip on the world for a millennia, but infighting gave opportunity to the oppressed people of many locations to rise up and cast the Zariger out, a reign of a thousand years ended in just a handful. The Zariger fled back to the mountains, but were fractured, over the next hundred years three dominant factions claimed a portion of the mountains, Zarak-Ziak is the smallest and adjacent to Azaken, so is suffering greatly.


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The rise of the Elves-50000

Elfinihiar Creates the elves

The Rise of the Zariger Empire-4000

The Zariger expand aggressively outwards

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Terrainia started off in 2004 as a single island for a role-playing game (using a well-known and popular third edition rule set). This island became wonderfully detailed, players would recognise who they were dealing with when suitable miniatures (made by another well-known table-top games company) were placed on the table. But eventually the players finished the campaign, and managed to slay the dragon, or so they thought.

So with the campaign over, but the desire to continue burning ever bright, further areas were designed and planned, and over the course of five long but enjoyable years the world grew exponentially. At its peak of these five years there were six regular groups, around forty players, two dungeon masters, and a world as large as Earth drawn up and with huge levels of detail.


While that is where Terrainia was born, now nineteen years on and the development hasn’t stopped, we began to construct this website in 2010 as a resource for our players to use, then in 2020 (during the world wide pandemic) our founder took the opportunity to flesh out the world even more and add this to the website during which thoughts turned to sharing Terrainia with the rest of the world.

It was at this time that the founder began to commission artists, budgets were low, it took time to find the right artists with the right style, but over the next few years the main cast got made, the deities, the primary heroes and villains, then monsters. it was important for the founder that all artwork was theirs, monster design was theirs, and in turn game systems were theirs, we did not want to copy or reproduce existing systems

Along with the game world, contributors are writing novels and designing games, all set within Terrainia, at the time this page was last updated there is no less than seven different games/books in production, and soon will have link to these games/books for you to immerse yourselves within.

So that’s us, we hope you enjoy the site, if you want to give us some feedback why not .


After this first wave of games and books who knows? but one thing for sure is there is plenty of material and our aim will be to share this world with as many fantasy fans as possible.

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