Katrinix Kat-rean-ix is a cruel and malevolent being, hatred born tens of thousands of years ago still burns within, every action she takes is a means to an end and that end is always borne from hatred of the metallic dragons. Her followers are granted terrible powers, for which they pay a huge price, unpayable by some so she consumes them for failure, spitting forth a Spidron, half spider half humanoid abominations. Once the most powerful chromatic deity; that title has since passed her by, but she still wields a tremendous power. When the other dragons signed the Intervention Laws

The Intervention Laws are a set of rules laid down by the elder dragons upon the realsation they could effect the course of the world even after ascension.

she flew into a rage, declaring she would not be ruled by those she considered inferior.

Her first act of revenge was to use her divine power to whisk away a huge portion of Elfinihiar's elves and use her power to dominate their minds and remove all of what they were and replaced it with a thirst for power, and she has ever considered all the other elder dragons her enemies.

Basic Information

Pantheon Rank: Elder

A deity amonst the first, one of the elder dragons that assended to the elemental planes, a direct dedendant of the two progenitor dragons.

(Chromatic - Black)
Persona: Deceiver

Seeks to dominate others and rule over those less powerful than themselves, will often create a strict rule of law that must be obeyed above all else.

Element: Electro

The energy of Electro comes from the plane of Fulmin.

Plane of Residence: Fulmin
Title(s): She who must be Obeyed
Mistress of the Lash
The Dominatrix
Lady of Darkwater
The Eight Legged One


Pre Ascension: Collosal Black Dragon
Post Ascension: Black Dragon (Spirit Form)
Prefered Mortal: Female Drow, or Spidron


Worshipers Nelvarei
Holy Day: The Day of Blood
Temples: Huge black marble temples with blood altars
Time of Worship: Ten minutes at midnight
Current Avatar: The Spider Queen


Boons are granted by the deity in return for the induviduals worshop and devotion.

The boons vary by type of connection, and multiple can be gained by making a stronger, closer connection.

Arcane Spellcasters: Shockwave

Bonus for arcane spellcasters worshiping a deity of this element

Divine Spellcasters: Electrolise

Bonus for arcane spellcasters worshiping a deity of this element

Persona: Deceiver

Bonus abilty for matching the dieites persona

Morality: Darkness

Bonus abilty for matching the dieites alignment

Disposition: Order

Bonus abilty for matching the dieites alignment

Unique Discipline: Tyranny

Bonus abilty for Divine Spellcasters that share the dieites alignment

Chosen Weapon: Dagger
A subtle weapon, in an open fight will often go unoticed or under estimated. When not in battle its often a delicate secret weapon.

Deity Portrait

Katrinix Symbol:

Her self-stylised symbol contains reference to her domination of those that worship her, and to her blood price taken as payment for her blessing.
Coveted by clerics and sorcerers, feared by the others, all drow know the symbol from an early age.


Order of the Hidden Veil
The Inner Circle

Katrinix has followers across the globe, all manner of races and from all regions, although the drow are the largest individual group that dedicate to her, they are just a fraction of the overall number. It?s only the drow that see her as her true self, other races see her as a powerful entity that offers any who worship a divine connection. One thing her followers have in common is their desire or requirement to be underground, large cities of drow reside under each region of the world, and those followers that hide their allegiance within other settlements often use the underground areas for their activities.

Artwork of Terrainia

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