The Obsidian Five

Terrainia looked doomed, an age of darkness was looming, but such conflict could not go unnoticed by the noble deities who had quickly realised the dark gods had broken the intervention laws. Rayis, Victirus, Elfinihiar, Mathandria and Thaiek were left with little choice but to do so themselves, each selected a champion to receive their divine power.

The elder deities lacked the time for a gradual empowerment for their champions like that?s chosen by their counterparts. So they set their chosen heroes upon a great, one that would see them achieve greatness through their deeds and the relics they uncovered.

After a year of trials and countless battles the quest was complete, the five champions returned to their kingdoms ready to vanquish the evil risen from darkness. Although each had endured a lengthy battle against evil and suffered great personal loss, they returned heroes of a new age.

Karla Raeger took her place on the throne of her father, vanquishing the lord of death known as Arkarzan. Ralor Masif was crowned king of his people by a long forgotten order of knights sworn to find an heir. Vila Songbird wrestled control of her kingdom from those that took it from her parents many years before.

Bleckien Cross returned to his people for the first time in his lifetime, and set about a quest to free all the slaves of the Zariger and became King of the scattered dwarven people. Celaena Bitterliss returned at the precise moment she needed to and defeated the champion of Trozok to save her people from annihilation.

The Grand Alliance

Although the armies of evil were destroyed, and the evil at the heart eradicated, no chance would be taken, armies were rebuilt and defences fortified further, unexpected attack would never be so devastating again. The returned champions, now hero kings and queens of their people, signed the first pact of allegiance the world of Terrainia had ever seen, a true alliance, The Grand Alliance.

This alliance soon brought many smaller nations into its arms, and soon the alliance would span half the world. All the while the areas ravaged by destruction were rebuilt, stronger than before but also grander than before. With the alliance came a wider range of shared skills and greater understanding of architecture.

Within a centaury the world was rebuilt and it became evident to the citizens that their new leaders were not only honourable, pious and devout but they were blessed. Their ageless appearance could not go unnoticed so they embraced it, many thought they were godly, but they were quick to dismiss such propositions for they were chosen of the gods, the Immortals.

With their reputation preceding them the leaders of the alliance were able to broker treaties with otherwise hostile nations, even opening trade routes to the once enemy lands, furthering the advancement of Terrainia. With this growing alliance and military strength came enemies; those who refused to join or were simply not given the opportunity.


For three thousand years the grand alliance kept the world at peace, whenever an outside forced dared to challenge any part of the alliance it was swiftly dealt with by various factions of the alliance.

Memories of past times of strife passed into legend and the legend of the dragons passed into myth. Only the eternal elves within the island of Dasima could recall a time before the Immortals saved Terrainia and even they had forgotten how the gods once walked the world.

Of course evil is still prominent within the world, many large armies were being forged, ready to launch upon the world, evil deities concocted elaborate plans to regain power, and individuals of malice sought ways to claim the world for themselves.

Old Enemies Return

Three thousand years after his defeat, the Lord of the Dead has returned, an unwitting band of adventurers, seeking glory and wealth were ticked into returning Arkarzan to the mortal realm. This terrifying evil has claimed a small island once used to defend an area of ocean from pirates, now dubbed the Isle of Bones.

Morphian, an ancestor of the powerful lycan Morpheus decimated the kingdom of Alantor has risen to power, eager to claim his self-proclaimed birthright he seeks to once more attack the surface, although he is more cunning than his ancestor and has bargained with the other lycanthropic races for their aid.

The Zariger live! and are more powerful than ever, the dwarf race is once again beaten into submission, but more importantly the Zariger are digging, deep into the mountain, looking for something that could end the world as they know it.

New Enemies Rise

Once a proud sister of Alantor, a warrior priestess who had fought and killed many enemies in the Kings name, but now she has fallen to darkness, a promise of eternal power turned her mind, and now she is the Demon Princess Salithria, and she wants the kings crown, and his head.

A faction of exiled Nelvari led by the Spider Queen have come out of hiding; tired of waiting for their divine mistress to execute her plan and the absence of Sovin?s immortal protector has singled the time is right. The spider queen has allied with the brutal but scattered orc forces, while she drives the orcs with a single purpose the Nelvari are searching for something beneath the surface.

Blackmarsh has always been an enemy to The Grand Alliance, but recent discoveries have set it's leader on a path that will shake Talax to its core.

Only the future knows how this will end.  

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Artwork of Terrainia

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Terrainia started off in 2004 as a single island for a role-playing game (using a well-known and popular third edition rule set). This island became wonderfully detailed, players would recognise who they were dealing with when suitable miniatures (made by another well-known table-top games company) were placed on the table. But eventually the players finished the campaign, and managed to slay the dragon, or so they thought.

So with the campaign over, but the desire to continue burning ever bright, further areas were designed and planned, and over the course of five long but enjoyable years the world grew exponentially. At its peak of these five years there were six regular groups, around forty players, two dungeon masters, and a world as large as Earth drawn up and with huge levels of detail.


While that is where Terrainia was born, now twenty years on and the development hasn’t stopped, we began to construct this website in 2010 as a resource for our players to use, then in 2020 (during the world wide pandemic) our founder took the opportunity to flesh out the world even more and add this to the website during which thoughts turned to sharing Terrainia with the rest of the world.

It was at this time that the founder began to commission artists, budgets were low, it took time to find the right artists with the right style, but over the next few years the main cast got made, the deities, the primary heroes and villains, then monsters. it was important for the founder that all artwork was theirs, monster design was theirs, and in turn game systems were theirs, we did not want to copy or reproduce existing systems

Along with the game world, contributors are writing novels and designing games, all set within Terrainia, at the time this page was last updated there is no less than seven different games/books in production, and soon will have link to these games/books for you to immerse yourselves within.

So that’s us, we hope you enjoy the site, if you want to give us some feedback why not .


After this first wave of games and books who knows? but one thing for sure is there is plenty of material and our aim will be to share this world with as many fantasy fans as possible.

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