Trozok Tro-zok was once the most powerful dragon to exsist, and also the only dragon to not have fought in the Dragon Wars but his well intentioned intervention and unexpected defeat at the hands of Elfinihiar spawned a hatred for his metallic brethren, and a rage that still burns to this day.

In the first few years after his defeat and accension to Theyran, while his mind was lost to thoughts of revenge he used his considerable might to create the strongest most hardy race yet, the Orcs, brutishly tough, fiercely strong and with one goal; to destroy the elven race. But such expenditure of will had a profound and everlasting effect, his body changed, still a massive creature, but hatred flowed through his veins and rage filled his mind, he had become a vessel of singular intent.

Basic Information

Pantheon Rank: Elder

A deity amonst the first, one of the elder dragons that assended to the elemental planes, a direct dedendant of the two progenitor dragons.

(Chromatic - Green)
Persona: Challenger

An unusual mindset, seeks out a fight, war, even conquest, but purely for the joy of the battle, will seek out opposing champions to prove their are the superior combatant.

Element: Earth

The energy of Earth comes from the plane of Theyran.

Plane of Residence: Theyran
Title(s): The Grand Orc
The Ring Master
Bond Keeper
Clan Lord


Pre Ascension: Mega Colossal Green Dragon
Post Ascension: Green Dragon (Spirit Form)
Prefered Mortal: Huge muscular Orc


Worshipers Orcs
Holy Day: None
Temples: Stone edifices around which Orcs kneel and chant
Time of Worship: During the first light of the Hazel Moon.
Worship Routine: 5 minutes of prayer to include a ritual sacrifice of an animal.
Current Avatar:

Built (Alliance Year):


Boons are granted by the deity in return for the induviduals worship and devotion which is shown by following the deities ritual above.

A character can recive as many bonus spells and abilities as they have the prerequistie character trait for.

Charcter Trait Prerequisite Bonus Spell or Abiltiy
Spellcaster: Champion

The lucky few adventurers, or serving soldiers that have risen through the ranks become Champions

They lead others, command the battlefield, and often take the fight to more dangerous enemies

If your DM suggests you create a character of higher levels, your likely to be a champion, as such your background should be expanded to include such activities.


Bonus for arcane spellcasters worshiping a deity of this element

Class: Bruiser


As a brawler they excelled in hand to hand combat, striking fast and hard, as bruiser their blows become weightier, more forceful, able to push the enemy backwards several feet with a single blow.

A calculated meditated strike is capable of breaking stone several feet thick.

A Brawler may become a Bruiser when they become a Champion


Bruiser Manoeuvres: Weighty BlowThrusting BlowSunderPlanted

Brawler Manoeuvres: GrappleRapid StrikeDisarmTumble

Bruiser Skills: PushBreakStrongIntimidateWeapon Care

Bruiser Profiencies: Expert with open hand, bare fist fighting and light armours.

Bruiser Boon

Bonus for characters of this class worshiping this deity

Persona: Challenger

An unusual mindset, seeks out a fight, war, even conquest, but purely for the joy of the battle, will seek out opposing champions to prove their are the superior combatant.

Challenger Boon

Bonus for characters of this persona worshiping this deity

Weapon: Battleaxe
A simple weapon, a brute force weapon, weilded by the strong to great effect, able to chop through armour and bone.
Battleaxe Boon

Bonus for characters worshiping this deity and using their favoured weapon

Priesthood: Fealty A practising priest who gets their powers from their deity. Trozok Boon

Bonus for priests worshiping this deity

Deity Portrait

Trozok Symbol:

When orcs needed to symbolise their glorious creator they stuck to simple, easy to replicate design.
The Mark of Trozok has to be earned, those using the mark without proven honour in battle are quickly shown their error.

Orders of Trozok

Orcs haven't the urge to form Orders, they seek to

Orc tribes are spread across Terrainia, too numerous to list. Many tribes gather and form war hosts, these war hosts are often assembled to attack another faction, sometimes for riches and weapons, sometimes for sport. In the period after the elves retreated the orcs found themselves with nothing to fight, this is when Trozok turned them against each other, the survivors would be bigger, stronger and even more eager to fight. Then as the other races began to populate the world, thousands of battles ensued. Currently Orcs keep themselves to the underdark, hidden away in forests and atop mountains, except the island of Tavin upon which an thousand years of battle still rages.

Artwork of Terrainia

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