Arrilion is a nation totally secluded from the rest of the world, thousands of feet up in the sky, they walk the clouds as if earth, the clouds support their city through dense concentration of water energy, due to the connection to the elemental gate of water. From their view the elemental gate is a huge stone ring housing a lake, its this lake from which they draw water along with fish for food, all the while they have no idea that under the gate flows the greatest waterfall of Terrainia.

The people of Arrillion are humanoid in appearance but are distinctly not Elf or Human, created by Elfinihiar when finding the perfect form for her elves, she had to first discover how the body worked, and the first successful form was the Arillions, but they could not survive on the surface, the air was to heavy and they were too fragile, but in the clouds of Arrillion they thrived.


Goverment: Despotism

A form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. That entity may be an individual or it may be a group.

Established:  years ago


Philosophy: Pacifism

Inherently peaceful, abhors all violence, will always seek a diplomatic resolution and will only ever engage if something directly threatens to harm them or their way of life.


Regions: Whiteshore City, The Outer Region
Geography: 90% Cloudearth, 10% Icerock, crystaline trees
Climate: Warm, Windy, Dry


Secondry deities:

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Military Forces

Wild Animals


The rise of the Elves-50000

Elfinihiar Creates the elves

The Rise of the Zariger Empire-4000

The Zariger expand aggressively outwards

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Terrainia started off in 2004 as a single island for a role-playing game (using a well-known and popular third edition rule set). This island became wonderfully detailed, players would recognise who they were dealing with when suitable miniatures (made by another well-known table-top games company) were placed on the table. But eventually the players finished the campaign, and managed to slay the dragon, or so they thought.

So with the campaign over, but the desire to continue burning ever bright, further areas were designed and planned, and over the course of five long but enjoyable years the world grew exponentially. At its peak of these five years there were six regular groups, around forty players, two dungeon masters, and a world as large as Earth drawn up and with huge levels of detail.


While that is where Terrainia was born, now twenty years on and the development hasn’t stopped, we began to construct this website in 2010 as a resource for our players to use, then in 2020 (during the world wide pandemic) our founder took the opportunity to flesh out the world even more and add this to the website during which thoughts turned to sharing Terrainia with the rest of the world.

It was at this time that the founder began to commission artists, budgets were low, it took time to find the right artists with the right style, but over the next few years the main cast got made, the deities, the primary heroes and villains, then monsters. it was important for the founder that all artwork was theirs, monster design was theirs, and in turn game systems were theirs, we did not want to copy or reproduce existing systems

Along with the game world, contributors are writing novels and designing games, all set within Terrainia, at the time this page was last updated there is no less than seven different games/books in production, and soon will have link to these games/books for you to immerse yourselves within.

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