Zuoken Zu-o-ken was the first non-dragon to complete ascension, he was once a human monk who walked the world helping those who couldn't help themselves. His time in a monastery taught him that balance kept the world safe, and that neither good or evil could ever banish the other from the world. With this mind-set he never set out to conquer evil, just keep those the innocent safe from it and keep balance. After two hundred years travelling he returned to his monastery home and sat in meditation for exactly one year, when he woke from his deep contemplation he had discovered a way to keep balance in the world, but first he needed to lay foundations for others to take up his place on Terrainia.

So over the next ten years he founded four Monasteries of Balance, one in each of the most prominent human settlements, then once more returned home and entered meditation This time he was accompanied by four fellow monks, each charged to lead a monastery once he was gone, and these four monks were the only witnesses to a miracle. By this time Zuoken had finally showed signs of old age, and with his task now complete he gathered his monks and laid down. Just moments after he passed away, his ethereal form rose from his mortal body leaving the monks were in both awe and serenity, he passed on their new instructions and passed to Zion, the neutral plane.

Basic Information

Pantheon Rank: Ascended

A creature who attains a level of power beyond thier mortal body can handle, this ascension will often occur as automatic respose to death or to prevent the an inevitable death.

(Affiliation - Grey)
Persona: Zen

The master of Zen seeks enlightenment, and tries to instil peace where ever they travel, will tackle those causing upheaval and seek a diplomatic end where possible.

Element: None
Plane of Residence: Zion
Title(s): Ying and Yang
The Peacekeeper
The High Preceptor
The Wanderer


Pre Ascension: Male Human Monk
Post Ascension: Human Monk (Etheral Form)
Prefered Mortal: Human Monk with Staff


Worshipers The Zenith (Monks)
Holy Day: Day of Accension
Temples: Minimalist, secrative stone structures that work as schools for the monks
Time of Worship: Morning, and evening
Current Avatar:





Boons are granted by the deity in return for the induviduals worshop and devotion.

The boons vary by type of connection, and multiple can be gained by making a stronger, closer connection.

Arcane Spellcasters:




Divine Spellcasters:




Persona: Zen

Bonus abilty for matching the dieites persona

Morality: Balance

Bonus abilty for matching the dieites alignment

Disposition: Neutral

Bonus abilty for matching the dieites alignment

Unique Discipline: Harmony

Bonus abilty for Divine Spellcasters that share the dieites alignment

Chosen Weapon: Zen Fist
The unarmed strike of a monk is unlike any other unarmed strike, its hits has hard as a warhammer, with the dexterity of a rapier.

Deity Portrait

Zuoken Symbol:

This Emblem originates from a tatoo on Zuoken's back, he called it Order in Chaos.


The Zenith
The Four

The Zentih, or Monks of Zen, are the only followers of Zuoken, the head of each monastary is part of an inner circle known as The Four, these four co-ordinate the monastarys work and live to be well over two hundred years old, each choosing a succsesor from thier own monastary. Unlike thier founder, none of the monks have reached the point of accesnion, but they join Zuoken on the Astral plane nonetheless, where they stand beside him as equals, allbeit without his divine power.

Artwork of Terrainia

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So with the campaign over, but the desire to continue burning ever bright, further areas were designed and planned, and over the course of five long but enjoyable years the world grew exponentially. At its peak of these five years there were six regular groups, around forty players, two dungeon masters, and a world as large as Earth drawn up and with huge levels of detail.


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