Dway is home of the Giant King, a lordly title that implies a kingdom of subjects and society, but alas the kingdom of giants is coming to an end. Its six thousands years has seen the giants rise to prosperity and fall to the Zariger, plundered by pirates, hunted for sport, and come close to extinction.

In the last two hundred and fifty years a light of hope has shined upon them, King Ralor Masif has signed a alliance with the King to prevent Alantor, and the rest of the Grand Alliance, from intruding into his domain, in return the Giant King has sworn fealty to the King of Alantor and will come to his aid should Ralor deem it serious enough to call. Although the giant King prays this day will never come.


Goverment: Despotism

A form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. That entity may be an individual or it may be a group.


Built (Alliance Year):

Built (Alliance Year):
Established: circa 6000 years ago


Philosophy: Isolationism

Keeps itself cut of from the rest of the world, no trade, no war, will often have a natural or magical perimeter barrier.


Geography: Hills and Grassland, Forests

Built (Alliance Year):
Climate: Hot, Humid


Primary deity:Magnae ()
Patriarch:Naggarigga (Giant

Giants both live for and grow for ever, the older they are the taller they are. With size comes strength, with age comes wisdom, with a lifespan of infinite length comes a desire to do things very slowly.



A spellcaster that channels the divine power of their deity while in the service of them, the longer they devote their life, the more powerful they become.

Their service is inherently tied to the persona of the deity, and their actions will most often reflect that.


Priest Spells: HealConsecrateAnointCure

Priest Skills: Ritual: FealtyDetect: UndeadDetect: Magic

Priest Profiencies: Proficient spellcaster of divine magic. Proficient with all common melee weapons and all armours.

Priest Spell Casting: Spells require a holy symbol and verbal commands.

Secondry deities:

Built (Alliance Year):
Prohibited deities:

Built (Alliance Year):


Population by Race:

[ Approx: 4,000 ]

Population Total: 4,000

[ Approx ]

Spoken Languages: Giant

An obscure language only known to the giants, outsiders can't understand or translate it due to the guttural tones and slobber they exude when speaking it.

Demonym: Giants

The giants of Dway aren't specifically intelligent, as such they refer to themselves and their race as Giants, and so do outsiders.

Laws and Justice: Individual Arbiter

A single person is appointed to be judge and jury for all crimes in their given area, typically this arbiter is either the lord of the land or appointed by them directly.

If a individual appoints more than one arbiter, each will have to follow the same code laid down by their lord.

Expected punishment for theft:

Punishment will typically result in exile

Magicial Law: Unrestricted

Magic is permitted and not monitored, often those with skill are sought after by the government or wealthy individuals for protection.

Architecture: Simple Architecture

No design concept, just wood or stone as the material available, Simply built, windows no uncommon, Doors generally wooden, single story. No Sewage, Famrs are livestock only, Dirt roads caused by frequent travel.



Built (Alliance Year):

Built (Alliance Year):
Main Exports:
Main Imports:
Trade Partners:

Built (Alliance Year):


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Military Forces


[ Approx: 500 ]

Characters of Infamy


Built (Alliance Year):

Built (Alliance Year):

The rise of the Elves-50000

Elfinihiar Creates the elves

The Rise of the Zariger Empire-4000

The Zariger expand aggressively outwards

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