Drakis is a mixed race nation, home to human, elf, dwarf, Goanna, Centaur or even Korta. Established barely thirty years ago by a Free Trader when age and injury forced him to find a home. The previously uninhabited island has flourished into a large trade port, where merchant and pirate alike can find a common ground of free trade and a good time.

Only 'home' to the Corsairs, and any family they brought to the island


Goverment: Despotism

A form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. That entity may be an individual or it may be a group.








Established: 30 years ago


Philosophy: Solitary

Does not seek war or alliances, wants to be free of rules of other nations.


Capital City: Barter_Town
Regions: None
Geography: Plains
Landmarks: The Buccaneer Inn

The largest Tavern on the island, owned by the Commodore himself although he leaves it to his previous quatermaster to run it, its the only place he will drink in, and as such its beocme the place to do business.

Merchants ply the quatermaster a fair few coin to be able to use the tavern, bringing in a decent amount of money to the commodores purse

Location: Centre of Barter Town
Built (Alliance Year): 2966
The Watchtower

Partially the remains of an elven watchtower, rebuilt by the Commodore's men to give them the means to watch further out to see

At its top sits a brazier, to aid the travel of trading vessels in fog and at night. A series of panels and mirrored glass allow them to signal other ships in the area to indicate when to approach, or to lend aid in an emergency.

Location: North of Talis
Built (Alliance Year): 2967
Climate: Hot


Pantheon Aspect: The Creators

The aspect of Humanism follows the theory that Rayis and Victirus are their creators and as such are owed their dedication.

Primary deity: Rayis
Preacher: (







Secondry deities: Victirus, Mathandria
Prohibited deities: None (Free Choice)

The goverment of the land simply dont care, they allow a full and free choice becuase they dont percive anything to be unsafe.


Population by Race: Human

If you don't know what a human is, you're in trouble.

Quick to learn and adapt, they survive in all bar the most extreme of environments with ease.

[ Approx: 10,000 ]

Population Total: 10,000

[ Approx ]

Spoken Languages: Common

The widely used language of Terrainia, although it varies a little, through dialect and accent, it remains interpretable by anyone with the most basic of understanding of it.

Demonym: Corsairs

The people that reside full time on the island of Talis are all part of the Commodores people and they call themselves Corsairs.

Laws and Justice: No Law Structure

No discernible law structure exists either because no discernible community exists or the inhabitants are self-governing.

Expected punishment for theft:

If discovered by a inhabitant capable of taking action the thief is likely to be killed.

Magicial Law: Unrestricted

Magic is permitted and not monitored, often those with skill are sought after by the government or wealthy individuals for protection.

Architecture: Talis Architecture

Single settlement with wooden buildings, porches, Two story at most, poorly maintained, Glazed windows, space between buildings is covered with wood planks. Dirt tracks to reach other areas, Open farms owned by the Commodore but ran by farmers paying a levy, Simple sewage system.


State: Strong

A strong economy means high value goods are readily available, and wealthy induviduals often seek warriors for quests or for personal guard.

Taxation: Trade Based

The nation takes a small cut on all trade deals done within, but this is often blck market goods and as such fethc a high price.

Minerals:Low tax, lawless merchant trading post
Main Exports:None
Main Imports:
Trade Partners: Open Trade

Any nation may dock and trade it wears with any other merchant, the island itself will take a cut, and use that to buy in food and supplies.


The rise of the Elves-50000

Elfinihiar Creates the elves

The Rise of the Zariger Empire-4000

The Zariger expand aggressively outwards

Artwork of Terrainia

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Terrainia started off in 2004 as a single island for a role-playing game (using a well-known and popular third edition rule set). This island became wonderfully detailed, players would recognise who they were dealing with when suitable miniatures (made by another well-known table-top games company) were placed on the table. But eventually the players finished the campaign, and managed to slay the dragon, or so they thought.

So with the campaign over, but the desire to continue burning ever bright, further areas were designed and planned, and over the course of five long but enjoyable years the world grew exponentially. At its peak of these five years there were six regular groups, around forty players, two dungeon masters, and a world as large as Earth drawn up and with huge levels of detail.


While that is where Terrainia was born, now nineteen years on and the development hasn’t stopped, we began to construct this website in 2010 as a resource for our players to use, then in 2020 (during the world wide pandemic) our founder took the opportunity to flesh out the world even more and add this to the website during which thoughts turned to sharing Terrainia with the rest of the world.

It was at this time that the founder began to commission artists, budgets were low, it took time to find the right artists with the right style, but over the next few years the main cast got made, the deities, the primary heroes and villains, then monsters. it was important for the founder that all artwork was theirs, monster design was theirs, and in turn game systems were theirs, we did not want to copy or reproduce existing systems

Along with the game world, contributors are writing novels and designing games, all set within Terrainia, at the time this page was last updated there is no less than seven different games/books in production, and soon will have link to these games/books for you to immerse yourselves within.

So that’s us, we hope you enjoy the site, if you want to give us some feedback why not .


After this first wave of games and books who knows? but one thing for sure is there is plenty of material and our aim will be to share this world with as many fantasy fans as possible.

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