Zion - The Afterlife (Neutral)

The neutral plane is a plane without good or evil, a plane of serenity and calm.  Zion is the remnant of the broken mind of The Entity The omnipotent lifeform that stopped the Void consuming everything and inadvertantly created the planet within Terrainia , now it keeps the realm safe from outside interference, and free of both positive and negative energy.

Zion is protected unlike any other plane, no creature or soul of good or evil can reach this plane.  For thousands of years, no mortal soul had reached Zion, for its an extraordinarily rare thing for a mortal to be truly neutral.

That continued until Zuoken, first of his kind, was able to transcend the material plane and found his way to Zion, where the essence of the entity infused his immortal soul with true divinity, and Zuoken became the first TRANSCENDENT.

Basic Information

Composition: Infinite expanse of equanimity
Appearance: Clouds supporting impossible towers

Attributes *info These attributes are compared to the Material plane/Terrainia, Which for simplicity is identical to Earth.

Gravity: Low
Passage of time: Normal
Day Length: 24 hours.
Daylight Share: 50%
Climate: Warm, Dry.


Archetype: Enlightened
Subtypes: Justicar, Sage.
Inhabitants Role: Keepers of Balance
Influance: Zion.

Those that reach Zion through ascension are given the chance to become Justicars or Sages, depending on their mortal lives, most accept and go on to become the Enlightened.

Those that decline and those who die a true neutral, are given access to an afterlife of tranquillity in one of the towers of Zion.

Planar Image

Artwork of Terrainia

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