The Elemental Plane Volcanis

Also known as the plane of fire, this planar region is mostly rock, with colossal volcanos, rivers of Lava, and a searing, continuous heat.

Connected to the Material Plane by the Magma Gate, a huge stone circle buried deep within the mountains of Mekis, though which flows a constant stream of magma fuelling a colossal volcano.

Basic Information

Composition: Elemental
Appearance: Mountainous, Lava Rivers.

Attributes *info These attributes are compared to the Material plane/Terrainia, Which for simplicity is identical to Earth.

Gravity: Higher
Passage of time: Normal
Day Length: 48 Hours
Daylight Share: Perpetual Night
Climate: Very Hot


Lord: Rayis
Stronghold: Emberlon


Lord: Abixlion
Stronghold: Bastion of Flame

Fairy Type:
Stronghold: Bastion of Flame

Planar Image

The Element Gates

The elemental planes were once seperate realms unconnected to each other, but when the Entity was forced to stop the Void from consuming everything it bound each of the plains to the material plane.

At first these conenctions were wild and free, openly changing the world of Terrainia, but once he woke from his great slumber he bound these connections into stone, and now, millions of years later these five great Elemental Gates still keep all the planes safe and connected.

Planar Gate Within Volcanis

In Volcanis the Gate is bound to base of the volcano within the Fortress of Emberlon, half submerged in the river of lava that flows out of the city.

For millennia Elementals gathered around the gate, drawn by its immense power and connection to another world, for thousands of years single elementals broke through to the material plane and wreaked havoc, typically cut down by the Elves. 

But after his ascension; Rayis built his stronghold and a thousand foot wall around the area to keep the gate safe.

Planar Gate on the Material Plane

The lava that pours through the gate feeds the super volcano as the heart of Mekis, the Volcano constantly spews forth ash, drawn by the winds across Blackmarsh, keeping the barbarian realm in darkness.

The inhabitants of Mekis however suffer no such curse, and have no idea the reason their steel is so superior is the purity of the lava that fuels their forges.

Artwork of Terrainia

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