Theorum - The Astral Plane

Theorum is a unique plane in the multiverse, no living thing exists, no physical thing exists, in fact noting exists in Theorum, except thought; for it is the plane of dreams, subconscious, imagination or illusion.

Most sentient creatures have a soul, this soul projects onto the astral plane, and when sleeping it’s this connection that creates dreams, but no interaction between souls takes place.  That is except when those who can harness a power beyond the material plane, these beings use the astral plane to communicate or travel huge distances within moments, through telepathy or teleportation.

Basic Information

Composition: Infinite expanse of nothing
Appearance: None, it's virtually imperceivable.

Although no living or physical thing exists within Theorum there is a single, collective at its centre, a single point at which souls that have been cut off from the material plane gather.

When a mortal dies during an astral walk, their soul, or at least a part of it, becomes trapped in the astral plane, where it eventually reaches the collective.

This collective is very slowly growing in power, in an age yet to come, it will wake, and it will herald a whole new beginning.

Planar Image

Artwork of Terrainia

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