The Multiverse

The multiverse is a series of planes; each plane is distinct and each holds a different purpose.  These planes exist together bound by the infinite expanse that is the material plane.  First there was the material plane, then The Entity The omnipotent lifeform that stopped the Void consuming everything and inadvertantly created the planet within Terrainia created the elemental planes (fire, earth, water, electric, earth) to bring stabilty to the material plane.

When the multiverse came under attack from The Void An all consuming blackhole of evil that once threatened to devour the multiverse. , the entity imprisoned the dark hole within a cage of rock and force, inadvertently creating Terrainia, and Polomis in an effort keep the all-consuming evil from spreading.

The void had already damaged parts of the material plane, the entity repaired this damage by creating a pair of new realms, these became Theorum, the astral realm and the Ethereal realm, each had a form unique to the damage caused. These two planes, along with Terrainia all form the material plane, but exist upon each other.

Several millennia later a new plane formed as a result of The Entity's destruction.  The omnipotent being's essence was scattered, its energy reached the edge of the multiverse and became Alishar; the Celestial plane, but its broken mind drifted without control until it became Zion, the neutral plane.

Millennia later two more formed when Frahuden and Saiyiden passed.  Frahuden's positive energy passed through the multiverse until it reached the celestial plane where it created the upper plane Eternium.  But the negative taint that penetrated Saiyiden's essence pulled it towards the void leaving it to settle around it, creating the first of the lower planes, Infernis.

Once the Infernis plane settled the Void was able to breach both the physical barrier and the Ethereal plane, the evil within reached out and penetrated the plane once known as Polomis, the moment this plane knew evil it was doomed, the plane was changed irrevocably into something altogether different; Siyauon the Plane of Shadow.

The Upper Planes

Alishar The Celestial Plane
Eternium An Afterlife Plane - Good

The Material Plane

Terrainia The Material Plane.
Ethereal A mirror to the material plane
Theorum The Astral Plane.

The Divergent Planes

Zion An Afterlife Plane - neutral

The Elemental Planes

Volcanis The Fire Plane
Theyran The Earth Plane
Fulmin The Electric Plane
Aquaila The Water Plane
Arrilis The Air Plane

The Lower Planes

Infernis An Afterlife Plane - Evil
Siyauon The Shadow Plane

Planar Pictograph

Artwork of Terrainia

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