** Terrainia is the centre of this fictional world, the rest of this website gives much greater detail **

Terrainia and its orbiting suns and moons, exsist in a vast open realm of space, millions of rocks float aimlessly around, but nothing else holds life, and along with Theorum and Ethereal it comprises the material plane.

In an age long since passed, the gods themselves walked upon Terrainia shaping the world as they saw fit.  Now left in the hands of their creations, the world is left to fend for itself.

Basic Information

Composition: Single planet in the ether
Appearance: Infinite expanse

Attributes *info These attributes are compared to the Material plane/Terrainia, Which for simplicity is identical to Earth.

Gravity: Normal
Passage of time: Normal
Day Length: 24 hours
Daylight Share: 50%
Climate: Varied


The inhabitants of the Terrainia are just as varied as the world itself, from the slender elves, to the stout dwarves and everything in between.

Over hundreds of thousands of years the world has changed, some by natural occurrence, some by design and some by the twisted manipulation of beings of power they didn’t deserve.

Planar Image

Artwork of Terrainia

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