Siyauon - The Shadow Plane

Just as the Celestials in Alishar are the result of dragon-spawn souls reaching the upper plane, as are the Fiends within Siyauon are the result of those dragon spawn with the taint of Saiyiden forced toward the lower planes.  These unfortunate dragon-spawn completed the corruption their mother had started, they were twisted beyond recognition, misshapen bodies and dark souls becoming Fiendish creatures of the shadow realm.

Along with fiends, the expanse is home to uncountable demons, creatures birthed by evil itself for a singular purpose, to breach the mortal planes and claim them for the The Void An all consuming blackhole of evil that once threatened to devour the multiverse. . These two forces try to breach the planar barriers and reach the material plane, fortunately for the mortal plane, incursions are infrequent and short lived, the demonic and fiendish creatures are either quickly destroyed or soon run out of negative energy.

Basic Information

Composition: sphere
Appearance: Small

Attributes *info These attributes are compared to the Material plane/Terrainia, Which for simplicity is identical to Earth.

Gravity: Normal
Passage of time: Slow
Day Length: 28 hours.
Daylight Share: 10%
Climate: Hot, Dry

Inhabitants - Fiends

Subtypes: Caniuon (Dog like demon)
Influance: Siyauon, Alishar and Prime Material

Inhabitants - Demons

Subtypes: Katix, Tizor, Abixn, Ozok, Vorth.
Influance: Siyauon, Infernis and Prime Material

The fiends and demons do not work together, but they do share the primary goal of allowing the The Void An all consuming blackhole of evil that once threatened to devour the multiverse. to consume the material plane.  The Fiends have long forgotten their birth right.

Planar Image

Artwork of Terrainia

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