Infernis - The afterlife (Evil)

Known by many names, the elves call it 'perdition', halflings 'the dark end' but the humans of the world call it Hell.  The place where the corrupt, vile, depraved and purist of evil mortals go to upon death, once through the souls of the damned are tortured for eternity, but not in the fashion the still living envision.

They do not get whipped and beaten or forced to relive terrible moments, instead their souls are slowly consumed over a millennia, during which their disembodied minds know nothing but fear and pain.  It this process that fuels the negative plane, and in turn allows for negative energy to seep slowly into the material realms, when it can infect the recently dead or even manifest as an entity of evil.

Basic Information

Composition: Sphere
Appearance: Small

Attributes *info These attributes are compared to the Material plane/Terrainia, Which for simplicity is identical to Earth.

Gravity: None
Passage of time: Slow
Day Length: Perpetual Night
Daylight Share: 0%
Climate: None


Very little occurs within the Infernal realm, the lost souls are adrift in an endless void of nothing, unaware of their actual situation or the presence of others.

Except that is when creatures from Siyauon (the shadow plane) penetrate its planar barriers to feast on the decaying souls before trying to breakthrough to the material realm.


Planar Image

Artwork of Terrainia

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