The Ethereal Plane

Unique in the multiverse is the Ethereal Plane, it mirrors Terrainia in every aspect, as it’s a mirror plane A mirror plane is a direct copy of the physical component of the Prime Material Plane, one of its multi layered partners that, together, create the Material plane. , any physical change made to the material plane is replicated, the only difference is the existence of the recently dead, Deadsouls and the native Ethereals.

The recently dead find themselves in the ethereal plane before the universe pushes them elsewhere, for a moment they fail to realise they can’t be seen by those they see, as they are reflections of the living, and interaction is impossible.  However, there are some that refuse to accept their fate and that refusal leads them to become Deadsouls.

Basic Information

Composition: Mirror plane - Material
Appearance: Foggy The plane is shrouded in thick fog, visibilty is barley a hundred feet.

Inhabitants - Deadsouls

Subtypes: Lost, Mindless.
Influance: Ethereal.

Deadsouls degenerate over time, first they are the lost, souls seeking a way back to life, eventually losing a grip on reality and becoming Mindless.

Inhabitants - Ethereal

Subtypes: Wraith, Shadow, Spectre, ghost, Spare.
Influance: Prime Material and Ethereal.

Shards of positive and negative energy float throughout the ethereal plane.  When these shards find a Deadsoul they latch on to the residual sentience, but this causes irreversible effects.

Positive shards restore a Deadsouls grasp of reality, allowing them to pass on to another plane, whereas negative shards transform the Deadsoul into something new depending on the soul.

Planar Image

Artwork of Terrainia

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