Eternium - The Afterlife (Good)

Eternium is the most widely known resting place for those who pass from the material plane, this is in part because the vast majority of sentient life on the material plane is inherently good, and their faith, however minor, is encouraged by priests or clerics of the PANTHEON_GOOD. This faith and education not only promotes the truth to thier worshipers but it in turn feeds the pantheon with the legions of prayer they need.

Due to the faith that these mortals hold; when they reach the end of their lives and pass on to the Ethereal plane their lives are judged by the Universe The 'Universe' is a term given to the unexplained occuarnces, some belive it to be the last remneants of the The Entity's power making decisons for the multiverse. , if they were good of nature and no evil taints their soul then their ethereal form transcends from the Ethereal plane and on to Eternium. But, if they are judged to be evil, then a whole different fate awaits their soul in Infernis.

Within Eternium there are several loosely connected realms, each of the appropriate lifeforms have their own place, Humans, Elves, Halflings are the most numerous, but there are many and each is different in some way but each is a utopia for the selected inhabitants, each realm is of course ever expanding.

Basic Information

Composition: Multiple Infinite Realms.
Appearance: Each realm is different

Attributes *info These attributes are compared to the Material plane/Terrainia, Which for simplicity is identical to Earth.

Gravity: Normal
Passage of time: Slow
Day Length: 24 hours
Daylight Share: 50%
Climate: Multiple


With the plane of Eternium being isolated form most of the Multiverse, most of the inhabitants have long forgotten their once mortal lives, except those that refuse to accept their new existence (see the Ethereal plane).

Those beings watch the material world but only have a tiny fraction of influence upon their closest of mortal companions, often only appearing in dreams and are frequently dismissed as imagination or nightmare.

Planar Image

Artwork of Terrainia

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