The Elemental Plane Arrilis

Known as the Plane of Air, Arrilis is unsurprisingly barren.  The gale-force winds have long since worn the open surfaces smooth.  The vast open land is only broken by colossal mountains and the vast canyons carved out by mile wide tornados.

As with all elemental planes, the realm was first inhabited by lifeforms known as Elementals, creatures of pure energy that evolved over millennia.  With the ascension of the gods these realms became home to truly powerful beings and shortly after the souls of their followers, given new home in the afterlife to fight the eternal wars.

Basic Information

Composition: Elemental
Appearance: Mountainous, barren.

Attributes *info These attributes are compared to the Material plane/Terrainia, Which for simplicity is identical to Earth.

Gravity: Normal
Passage of time: Five times as fast. (x5)
Day Length: 36 hours
Daylight Share: Perpetual Day
Climate: Cool, Dry, Windy.


Lord: Victirus
Stronghold: Fortress of Serenity


Lord: Vorseth

Fairy Type:

Planar Image

The Element Gates

The elemental planes were once seperate realms unconnected to each other, but when the Entity was forced to stop the Void from consuming everything it bound each of the plains to the material plane.

At first these conenctions were wild and free, openly changing the world of Terrainia, but once he woke from his great slumber he bound these connections into stone, and now, millions of years later these five great Elemental Gates still keep all the planes safe and connected.

Planar Gate Within Arrilis

The Wind Gate is mounted atop the mountain behind the Stronghold of Victirus, so high that the constant winds are chilled below freezing.
Visible from great distances, the Gate is a constant attraction for the forces of darkness, as whoever controls the gate has a much greater connection with the material plane.

Planar Gate on the Material Plane

Far away from the oceans, at one end of a mile-deep ravine, rests the Wind Gate, the ravine carved by a million years of intense, chilling wind.
The surrounding land has become deeply frozen for miles, rock and stone, metal and wood, all eventually freezes within the region.

Artwork of Terrainia

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