The Elemental Plane Aquaila

Otherwise known as the plane of cold, ice or water, this plane is a harsh environment composed entirely of water and ice and as such the plane is constantly shifting.

The plane is divided in two, the light and dark regions, each inhabited by the opposing factions of elementals, each lead by the elder deities. An eternal battle takes place between the two factions. 

The energy of Water comes from the elemental plane of Aqualia, drawn into the material plane through the Cloud Gate;  A huge stone circle suspended above the clouds through which flows the Worlds Waters, a colossal waterfall that feeds the oceans and provides the world with life.  A side effect of this volume of water falling into the world is the need for somewhere for it to go, on the southernmost point of the world is the Vortex, a whirlpool that siphons the water away and causes the land around to remain in a permanently frozen state.  The two energies of Water are life and cold, Cold can freeze any material or creature whereas Life is capable of healing most wounds.

Basic Information

Composition: Elemental
Appearance: Glacial Islands, Oceanic.

Attributes *info These attributes are compared to the Material plane/Terrainia, Which for simplicity is identical to Earth.

Passage of time:
Day Length:
Daylight Share:

Stronghold: Fortress of


Fairy Type:

Planar Image

The Element Gates

The elemental planes were once seperate realms unconnected to each other, but when the Entity was forced to stop the Void from consuming everything it bound each of the plains to the material plane.

At first these conenctions were wild and free, openly changing the world of Terrainia, but once he woke from his great slumber he bound these connections into stone, and now, millions of years later these five great Elemental Gates still keep all the planes safe and connected.

Planar Gate Within Aquaila

Planar Gate on the Material Plane

Artwork of Terrainia

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