Alishar - The Celestial Plane

Known by most mortals as the Celestial Plane, this plane is what many believe to be the home of the gods, where; in reality they occupy the elemental planes and in fact the celestial plane is home to the Celestials. Celestials were once mighty dragon spawn which roamed the Prime Material plane, their souls, full of positive energy, ascended to the upper plane as they passed from the material plane.

These Celestials spent millennia in paradise, they needed nothing, had free reign to shape their new world, and were content for an age.  Now free of their previous form, they moved around as formless beings of energy, much like The Entity The omnipotent lifeform that stopped the Void consuming everything and inadvertantly created the planet within Terrainia before them, but with a tiny fraction of The Entity's power.

That was until Abixlion tried to steal the power of Eternium; the Celestials became abrubtly aware of their forbearers accension, and more importantly his intentions.  Collectivly realising the consequences of such combined power; the Celestials decided to act, and together they fought off the ascending deity and halted his claims on the souls of Eternium.

Basic Information

Composition: Infinite expanse of positive energy.
Appearance: Single massive golden city

Attributes *info These attributes are compared to the Material plane/Terrainia, Which for simplicity is identical to Earth.

Gravity: Normal
Passage of time: Normal
Day Length: Perpetual
Daylight Share: 100%
Climate: Warm


Archetype: Celestials
Subtypes: Tirin, Rais, Thandia, Finih, Aieks.
Inhabitants Role: Defenders of the Upper Planes
Influance: Alishar, Eternium and Prime Material

The Celestials have become the self-imposed guardians of the upper planes, they defend Alishar and Eternium from extra planar attacks, and occasionally venture to the material realm to defeat an extra planar threat, or to lend aid to mortal heroes upon a similar path.

Planar Image

Artwork of Terrainia

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