Zarak Za-Rach is one of the oldnest nations of Terrainia, founded several millenia ago. When Abixlion corrupted the noble dwarf race and almsot brought to extinction. All but a single clan of dwarves were turned to Zariger, led by the most powerful of warriors, the Zar. These warriors, guiided by abixlion, took their adavnced knowledge gifted them by Thiek, and twisted into machines of death and deatruction. In a few short centuries they conquered the entire world, except the lone island of Dasima and the inhospitable north and south lands, but across thw world humanity and many other races

The machines they built, along with the use of advanced weaponry, allowed them to keep an iron grip on the world for a millenia, but infighting gave oppertunity to the oppressed people of many locatiosn to rise up and cast teh Zariger out, a reign of a thousand years ended in just a handfull, the Zarieger fled back to the mountains, where in their absence the Dwarf race had gathered numbers.Now the mountains of Zarak are in constant war, although the dwarf numbers are nothing compared to the Zariger the battle rarely go well for the Zariger and as such they dont commit any resources to retaking th world.


Current leader: Galvar Darkforged
Goverment: Despotism A form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. That entity may be an individual or it may be a group.
Established: In another age


Philosophy: Gathering Power Agressive attacker that has been defeated and spent years gatehring armies, often this is a slow process due to constant minor battles in thier own lands.
Alliances: None This nation might be at peace with other nations, but has not signed formal treaties.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: Zarak-Zen


Head of City:
Item Value Limit
Stationed Forces:
Prohibited Items:
Places of Worship
Trade Goods:
Regions: East Mountains, West Mountains
Geography: Mountains. Under mountain caverns
Landmarks: The Emberforge


Built (Alliance Year):
, The Obsidian Gates


Built (Alliance Year):
The Tower of Abixlion


Built (Alliance Year):
, The Collesseum


Built (Alliance Year):
Climate: Cold


Pantheon Aspect: Corrupt Pantheon

Unique to the Zariger race, this pantheon consists of the Corruptor himself, Abixlion, and what the Zariger call the Void.

Inherently evil, these pair of powers seek nothing else other than to control the entire world.

Dieties: Ramthox
Collective Term: Lord of All Things
Primary deity: Abixlion
High Demonfuge: Demonfuge Ozzak
Secondry deities:
Prohibited deities: All Others


Population: 2.5 Million. Zariger (Dark Dwarves)

The corrupted dwarves of Abixlion, although they bear little resemblance of their noble kin.

A deep connection to the Void allows them to call forth demons.

Playable Race

Spoken Languages: Dwarvan

The verbal language of the dwarf race and their counterpart the Zariger, hard to understand even for those that learn it, it takes a true dwarf to pronunciate the words properly.

, Runic

Unique to Dwarf kind, the ancient but dying Dwarf race and their corrupted cousins the Zariger.
A written language of shapes and symbols used on everthing they do.

Demonym: Zarieger of Zarak Zariger dont have a term used to describe the people or the inhabitants of Zarak, they are simply Zariger.
Laws and Justice: Martial Law. Soldiers patrol the land rather than law keepers, any crime is immediately dealt with by them as they find it, they are judge jury and often executioner, even when little or no evidence supports them.

Theft Example:
If caught in the act, immediate execution.
Magicial Law: Unrestricted Magic is permitted and not monitored, often those with skill are sought after by the government or wealthy individuals for protection.
Architecture: Zarak Architecture Rough hewn stone buildings, often using the sides of caverns when under ground. When atop the mountains, huge towers made of stone and steel, the biggest of which are topped with obsidian and gold.
Blocky stone buildings, Very tall if outside, Multiple Stories, Blackend from soot and dirt, Flat roofs if underground, Wooden shutters on windows. Hewn stone roads underground, mountain tracks above ground, Sewage is sent further underground though bore holes, Farming is difficult underground, so often farms are found in isolated surface areas.



A moderate economy means high value goods are sometimes available, and occasionally wealthy induviduals will seek warriors for quests.
Taxation:Medium & Biased Taxation is at a level above what is necessary and it hurts the poor while the rich get richer
Resources:Obisian, Iron, Steel, Blackpowder
Main Exports:None
Main Imports:None
Trade Partners:None


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State of War

Enemies at War: Zine

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Warmongers Heavily armoured soliders, trained well and fight in formation, repelling attacks that would down normal soliders.

Fighters on foot.
Heavy Armour, Axe.
Core Cavalry:Caniuon Riders Heavily armoured mounted warriors, mounted atop demon creatures called Canioun; fierce dog like creatures with razor sharp teeth and claws.

Fighter on Caniuon.
Heavy Armour, Axe.
Elite Infantry:Black Guard The elite fighting core of the Zariger army, tough, insanly powerful for a normal soldier, able to change thier fighting style to suit the situation.

Fighters on foot.
Heavy Armour, Black Axe.
Trained Beasts:Ursauon Large bear like demons, bound by powerful Demonfuges, these otherworldy creatures can smash apart enemy lines as easily as a child plays with toys. Thier battlefield prescence is lmited to a few hours, after which they shift back to the plane of Siyauon, as they do so thier mortal form explodes, leaving desctruction in thier wake.

Demonic hide and Claws.
Trained Beasts:Kelzeluon A terrifing sight on the battlefield, huge shadow clad behemoths striding towards the enmy, slaying whomever they encounter, ape like in appearance, walking on all fours as it pounds the ground with its massive fists. Summond before battle by only the most powerful Demonfuges.

Huge Monster.
demonic Hide and Crushing Claws.
Warmachines:Infernal Mortar These iron wrought machines are filled with Blackpowder and wadding before being loaded with a large glass like ball containing both a chemical compound and a smaller glass ball, inside of which is Hellfire.
The outer glass ball is just strong enough to survive the explosion within the machine to send it hurtling into the air.
As it crashes back down upon its target the pair of glass spheres smash apart, triggering the alchemical mixture to mix with the Hellfire, releaseing a powerful explosion that messes with the minds of those that survive.

Warmachines:Ignis Cannon A large construct pulled by four Caniuon, six Black Guard sit atop with elongated wepoans to stab and crush the enemy around them. Its mere presence can bolster a Zariger army.

Unique Unit:Zariger War Wagon A large construct pulled by four Caniuon, six Black Guard sit atop with elongated wepoans to stab and crush the enemy around them. Its mere presence can bolster a Zariger army.


Naval Forces

Escort ClassCyclops
Ship of the LineDragoon

Renown Heroes

Karrtor Ironhand; Famed Pit Fighter, hero of the Collesseum


Subterrainen creaturs: moles, bats, snakes, spiders, rodents.
Mountintop Creature: Goats, Birds, Spiders,, Lamas.

Zarak Military Forces

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