Yuduku You-do-coo is infant nation, founded within the last two decades years it is an unconventional mix of species united by a heroic few and guided by a mysterious benefactor. Comprised of outcasts and the endangered, Yuduku flourishes under careful watch of its governing body.

A union with Talax allows the two nations to co-exsist in peace, together they fight the undead legions from the south and an exchange of soliders alows a greater depth of military expertise for both.

Although Yuduku is home to sveral thousand Nevari, these were exiled from their homland do to a differant world view, as such they dont conform to the tradtional aspects of Nelvari behavior.


Current leader: Vindu
        - Head of:The Council of Ramthox
Council Members:Akordia, Tenoch, Syruss, Maya
Goverment: Democracy Democracy refers to a broad range of types of government based upon the "consent of the governed." In its purest form it is the same thing as mobocracy, but it is usually practiced in the form of a republic, which provides checks and balances and an establishment that is able to tap an unruly mob on its collective head.
Established: 19 years ago


Philosophy: Defensivism Inherently peaceful, will defend themselves and their allies should the situation require it.
Alliances: The Grand AllianceThe Grand Alliance consits of Talax, Alantor, Ra, Razell, Thraw, Drakis and Mekis.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life marks the centre of Yuduku, it was the tree that the oringal council found during their search for a place to settle and they declared it the tree of life. Not becuase it held any special power, but it was so impossibly large they felt it was an omen.

Five hundred years later and the tree as been turned into a small city, its core contains a spiral staircase so large that they can walk ten abreast, with landings and jetties marking the various floors it stops at on the way to the top.

The first level is eighty feet from the forest floor, it contains homes of the heirarchy and walkways to the other nearyby trees, the upper floors contain all manner of meeting spaces and places of worship, and the top holds the council chamber, some four hundred feet above the floor, with windows that over look the canopy surrounding them.

Above the council chamber is the home of the current head of the council, Vindu, the Phaedra of Water, Emissary of the Five.


Head of City: Vindu
Population: 10,000
Item Value Limit High
Walls: No
Stationed Forces: 25,000
Prohibited Items: None
Places of Worship Mulitple
Trade Goods: yes
Openness closed
Port: no
Services: none
Regions: None
Geography: 95% Jungle
Landmarks: The Caves of Moonlight

When first discovered the humans of the area, (Pre Talax barbaian tribes), became scared of the light emmitted from within, they stayed clear of it.

After Talax became a unified nation the area was lost, the barbairans had covered the area to hide from it, then this coverage became a full fledge overgrown blockade

When the nation of Yuduku was formed the wiser species quickly uncovered the trught behind the caves and the material that made it glow.

The crystals within are a potent source of energy, an energy that can enchance any arcane spell, so it becmase a prized posseion of the yuduku poeple and partically the Nelvarei.

Location: On the western edge of the yuduku forest
Built (Alliance Year):
, Darkwood Tree

The singluar darkwood tree in the forest marks a spot of blight, it used to be a normal folourshing tree but overnight the bark went black, the ground around it decayed, the Council of Yuduku closed the area off and placed a permenant watch.

For now its stable, the blight has not spread, although the whole tree is now as dark as night. Nearby trees have had their branches trimmed to prevent them touching.

Location: Centre of Yuduku
Formed (Alliance Year): 5 (Although the tree is several millenia)
Ruins of the Nelyani

These ruins are remnants of a long forgotten age, the buildings were obvisouly of superior design, what little remains is evident of it, such is the elegance of these ruins that the Yuduku officals have marked the area as off limits, although there is no punishment for breaking this other than a stern telling off.

Within the central structure is a ancient marble floor, inset is a etched gold pattern, still immaculate millenia since its fall, many have tried to access the lower levels but its sealed tight, rumor has it thats its protected by the gods themselves

Location: Alongside the Manflu River
Built (Alliance Year): Age of Succession
, The Monflu River

A River that begins life high in the northern mountains, the thousand miles it travels before reaching Yuduku territory allows it to gather speed and volume.

The stretch within Yuduku is particaully rough, the riverbanks are more akin to cliffs, and two bridges allow passage over the river. the otherside sits a clearing and a marquee where representives of Talax meet with the council of Yuduku on a monthly basis.

Location: East of Yuduku Territory
Formed (Alliance Year): Age of Awakening
Climate: Hot and Wet


Pantheon Aspect: Aspect of the Forest

A pantheon followed by those that dwell in forest areas, they respect the enviroment around them, live in harmony with it, and worship those that protect it

Dieties: Mathandria, Nepodacha
Collective Term: The Forest Walkers
Primary deity: Mathandria
Matriarch: Akordia
Secondry deities: Katrinix, Mathandria, Elfinihiar
Prohibited deities: None (Balance) For the sake of balance, all dieties are permitted, though the worship and use of the dark pantheons power is watched and controlled.


Population: 500,000. Simian

3.5 vanarans.


Playable Race

(20%), Caprian

3.5 Ibixian WFB Beastman.


Playable Race


3.5 lizardfolk WFB skinks.


Playable Race

(20%), Nelvari

Elves of Katrinix

Under Realm Elves, who trace their ancestry from the original Elves of Elfinihiar that were corrupted by the deity Katrinix.

Evil & power hungry, these elves cannot be trusted in any form.

Playable Race


Elves of the Forest

An ancestor of the first elves, wild elves chose to remain in the wider world when their creator called them home, sacrificing their immortality to do so.

With a deep connection to nature they live at one with the world, careful to make as little impact on the world as possible.

Playable Race

(20%), Goanna

Goanna are medium lizard humanoids, with ancestry back to the dragons of ancient times, through Vorseth's tinkering the dragonkin were spawned.

Dragonkin is a collective term for all the lizard humanoid races, and Goanna are most numerous species amongst them.

A more brustish creature, the height of a man but more stocky, prefering to engage head on.

Playable Race

Spoken Languages: Elvari A langauge common amongst elves, recognised by most other races and can be learnt by anyone.

Typically refered to as elvish, but only amongst those who don't speak it.
, Common The widley used langauge of Terrainia, although it varis a little, through dialect and acent, it remains interprettable by anyone with the most basic of understanding of it. , Dragonic The most anceint of languages, it is also the primary language of dragon related species but amonst humans of the world it is only known by arcane spellcasters and a handfull of others, often those with money and time to dedicate to such rare speach.
Demonym: Yudukans The people of Yuduku.
Laws and Justice: Council Abitration. A Council of the lands highest officials decide the outcome, each case is individually assessed and sentencing can vary widely even on cases identical.

Theft Example:
Punishment can range from a fine, to execution
Magicial Law: Schooled: Magic is permited and through schooling, encouraged. Various Sites
Architecture: Yuduku Architecture Wooden structures attached to large trees, Rope and wood bridges connect buildings, Shapes vary, No building code or style. No roads, No sewage system. No farms.



A currency devoid society, citizens trade what they have surplus of for what they need, trade with other nations is often difficult. Although high value items are not readily avilable, when one is found, it is often unique.
Taxation:None, Self Suffiant This society doesnt collect taxes, they are self suffiant, living off the land, and having resources to sell far beyond that they need to buy
Resources:Mining: Crystals, Herbalism, Whiteoak
Main Exports:Crystals, herbs, Bows
Main Imports:Weapons, Armour
Trade Partners:Talax, Mekis


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State of War

Enemies at War: Brold, Isle of Bones

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Chameleon Stalkers The smallest lizardfolk make the best unseen defenders, their colour changing scales letting them blend into the forest.
Often working in pairs they tirelessly watch the border, engaging only those they can best, calling for reinforcements when needed.
Trained from hatchlings to be both a protector and guide, as their lifespan is short, the must learn quickly.

Rangers on foot.
No Armour, Shortbow and Daggers.
Core Cavalry:Goanna Battleline Although not mounted, these lizardfolk are fast, unnaturally so, they rush forward on all fours, often with a large weapon strapped to their back, ready to engage when called.
Trained in the use of heavy weapons to make use of their considerable size, standing two feet above a typical human.

Heavy Fighter on foot (& hands).
No Armour, any Two-Handed Weapon.
Elite Infantry:Nelvarei Duellists Nelvarei shock troops, they maintain pockets of fighters all over the forest, if called to engage they strike hard and fast, leave none alive and vanish as soon as the fight is won.
Trained in the toughest martial skills known to the Dark Elves, skilled in blade and crossbow alike.

Fighters on foot.
Heavy Armour, Shortsword and Light Crossbow.
Elite Cavalry:Caprian Berserkers The natural speed a Caprian (Beastman) has supplants the need for cavalry, and horses would not cope with the dense forest of Yuduku.
Carrying a large double headed axe, they are a natural attacker, prone to flying into a berserk rage and tearing their enemy\’s limb from limb.

Berserker on foot.
Medium Armour, Double Headed Axe.
Unique Unit:Nelothi Sentinels The pinnacle of unseen death, able to pick out a target over two hundred feet away and deliver a fatal blow, leaving the enemy confounded.
On the open battlefield the sentinels will seek out a forest from which to strike, calling on the power of their mages to summon forth one if necessary.

Archers on foot.
Light Armour, Woodland Cloak, Composite Longbow, Daggers.

Naval Forces

No Naval Forces

Renown Heroes

Sivath Jadscale; Head fo the Chamelion Stalkers
Kathek Thunderwalker; General of the Armies of Yuduku
Opithilia; Master Archer

Notorious Enemies

Arkarzan; Evil lich intent on world annihilation
Brom; Mortuary Guard, Scorge of Talax
Ragnar; Mortuary Guard, Berkerseker of Rage
Chesco; Mortuary Guard, Destoryer of Life


Small woodland Mamals, Birds, Snakes, Boar, Monkeys, Crocodiles

Yuduku Species

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