Valishar is the underground kingdom of the Nelvarei that expands under the majority of Terrainia. Its society is hierarchical with Great Houses controlling the wildest excesses of its people. These houses in turn answer to the Queen who communes directly with Katrinix, their corruptor and directs their overall efforts.

Those efforts are mostly a crusade against the surface world, often resulting in bloodshed and the taking of slaves for use in unholy rites. Valishar is a realm always balanced on the edge of a knife, its self-destructive tendencies barely held in check as it brings death and destruction to the degenerates on the surface of Terrainia.


Current leader: Silan Sahinn
Goverment: Theocracy A form of government in which a god or deity is recognized as the state's supreme civil ruler. Since said god or deity is usually absent from decision making, a self-appointed or elected leader or leaders of the religion of said god or deity will rule instead through personal interpretation of the laws commanded by the god in that religion's written law.
Established: In another age


Philosophy: Expansionism Aggressive and consistently looking to gain territory or riches, will attack any nation it deems conquerable on masse, or induvidal raids for instant profit.
Alliances: None This nation might be at peace with other nations, but has not signed formal treaties.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City:
Regions: The seven domains of the houses of Valishar
Geography: Underground caverns, lakes and rivers
Landmarks: The City of Mirrors

Built (Alliance Year):
, The Toxic Isles

Built (Alliance Year):
Climate: Humid


Pantheon Aspect: Pantheon of Blood

Only a single deity is permited within the Valishar realm, and everything a Nelvari does is in her name, for without her thier life would end, or so they belive.

Katrinx demands a tithe of blood, from each and every citizen, this price is first paid at birth, the mother will bleed and the baby anoited, then when the child reaches an age of discipline they will offer thier own blood to Katrinix. Then every year on the Day of Blood each and every Nevari passed the age of discipline will repeat the offering, often these are done in huge communal gatherings, alhtough the noble house keep thier gatherings to their bloodlines.

Those granted a fraction of Katrinix's divine power pay the biggest price, thier blood belongs to her, they are reveared amonst the Nelvari, and often call upon thier followers to pay the ultimate price in her name.

Dieties: Katrinix
Collective Term: Katrinite
Primary deity: Katrinix
Blood Queen: Silan Sahinn
Secondry deities:
Prohibited deities: All Others


Population: 1.5 Milllion. Nelvari

Elves of Katrinix

Under Realm Elves, who trace their ancestry from the original Elves of Elfinihiar that were corrupted by the deity Katrinix.

Evil & power hungry, these elves cannot be trusted in any form.

Playable Race

Spoken Languages: Elvari A langauge common amongst elves, recognised by most other races and can be learnt by anyone.

Typically refered to as elvish, but only amongst those who don't speak it.
Demonym: Nelvari Collectively known as Nelvari, dirived from the original Neyani or Elf, Nevari means Elf of the Darkness
Laws and Justice: Law of Blood The Law of Blood is a precise series of laws that all the Nelvari ahdere to, it places the Queen above all others but not above the law.
Justice is only administered by thise authorised.

Theft Example:
Magicial Law: Restricted Magic is closly montitored, those with natural powers are inducted into special orders, those that seek out divine powers are trained within a priestly order.
Architecture: Valishar Architecture Elgent buildings similair to those in the other elven realms, but with a unmistakeable dark element, lit only by artificial light the settlements are permentlay in a shroud of shadow.
Elgegant stone buildings, Very tall, Multiple Stories, White washed and rendered but very dirty, Flat roofs often topped by prayer areas, Columns, Round glazed windows, Blaconies. Paved roads, Sewage is sent further underground though bore holes, Farming is difficult underground, so often farms are found in isolated surface areas.



A moderate economy means high value goods are sometimes available, and occasionally wealthy induviduals will seek warriors for quests.
Taxation:Low but Biased Taxation is at a level that it provides the relam with all they need and funds the army, but the nobles claim more of this than they should
Resources:Iron, Gemstones, Slaves
Main Exports:Inter House Only
Main Imports:Inter House Only
Trade Partners:


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State of War

Enemies at War: The Grand AllianceThe Grand Alliance consits of Talax, Alantor, Ra, Razell, Thraw, Drakis and Mekis.
Grand KarnethNaria Keth

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Valishar Wardens All male soldiers trained from an early age, give a single purpose in life, to defend Valishar and those important to it, a skill unmathced by any other nations's core solider and equaly well equiped.

Fighters on foot.
Medium Armour, Nelvari Crossbow or Nelvari Blades with Shield.
Core Cavalry:Valishar Raiders Selected Valishar Wardens are given a rile of hit and rn, scout, or riaders, each of these roles grant them horses from a pure bred line of the original horse, stronger and faster than horses used by later races.

Fighter on Nelvari Horse.
Medium Armour, Crossbows and Nelvari Blades.
Elite Infantry:Ebon Guard The best of the best of Valishar Infantry get moved to the Ebon Guard, although hailed as great honour, in truth they have to work harder, train longer and take on the most important of duty.
Although rewarded, the priamry rewards are often those used to fulfil thier role, armed with the larger Nelvari Blade these weapons are cable of splitting a man in two.

Fighters on foot.
Medium Armour, Nelvari Heavy Blade.
Elite Cavalry:Sanguinary Knights When a Nelyani horse begins to age beyond battlefield use, or is injurured beyond healing, the Blood Maidens of the Valishar nation will perform a blood ritual to transfer its life force to a younger horse, while that body now shares its life experiacnes it also becomes slightly more powerfull.
After a few such transferences the creature is less horse and more beast, these creatures are called Blood Steeds, stronger, tougher and nastier, these steeds are taken by the Sanguinors, an elite band of Ebon Guard that ride these beasts into battle.
Capable of performing a ritual on the corpses of thier enemies they can transfere the blood of the defeated to both reinvigorate and empower thier steeds.

Fighters on Blood Steed.
Heavy Armour, Ebon Spears, Shields.
Warmachines:Scorpion Wooden construction which requiers two soldiers to operate.

Medium bolt throwing device.
Unique Unit:Blood Beasts A terrifiing construct of blood, often borne from Blood Steeds that have either failed a tranferance ritual or simply gone through too many.
These creatures are unstoppable killing machines, they seek out the blood of the enemy to fuel their bodies further, guided by a band of Blood Maidens in training, a terrifying part of their training!
These creatures rarly last beyond a battle, in fact they will turn on the Nelvari should they run out of enemies to absorb.

Monster with Handlers.
Claws of Blood and Pure Rage.

Naval Forces

Escort ClassVenom
The smallest Nelvari ship designed for patroling the under realm oceans.
Escort ClassRancor
Designed to protect the under realm land areas from assault by sea.
Ship of the LineWidow
For hunting and capture of important enemy ships. Often crewed by the most blood thirsty youth.
Ship of the LineScorpion
Armed with a large catapult, designed to weeken and harass the enmy while the rest of the fleet approches.
The atypical ship, built for high ranking nobles, harnessing magic it will often hide its location while a engagement is underway.
FlagshipFulminator Class
Charged with electircal energy, using magical conduits it can unleash its terible power upon nearby ships.

Renown Heroes

Riance; Karneth of the Narimar House
Kalikal; Founder of house Kalikal
Nanis Varax; Highweaver of House Varax
Jarval Maralissk; Grand Voltigen


Spiders, Snakes, Rats, Lizards

Valishar Military Forces

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