Formerly of Talax, Ungir declared independace two hundred years ago after a dissagreement between the Lord of Ungir and Queen Karla Raeger of Talax. Since that time The queen of Talax has sent many envoys to make peace but all have been turned away, what she doesnt know is that the disagreemnt was intentional, set in motion by a hidden force, whispering in the ears of the Ungir leaders, all the hile working towards a sinister plan if their own.

The time is near, six months ago the nation of Ungir has plunged into chaos, all triggered by this unseen whisperer, now the military lie in ruins and the commonfolk are having to fight to survive.


Current leader: Bolaric Weild
Goverment: Anarchy The established goverment has broken down, there is chaos in the streets, rule of law is suspended, each must fight to survive.
Established: 200 years ago


Philosophy: Anarchy With the goverment in anarchy the nation no longer holds a coheasive ideal.
Alliances: None This nation might be at peace with other nations, but has not signed formal treaties.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: Weild

Founded by a great ancestor of Bolaric Weild when the island was first populated by the forces of Talax.

Four generations later the Weild family became dejected by the neglect of Talax and the queens disregard for their safety

After one too many raids from Brold the current Lord Weild decalred independance from Talax and renamed this city in his families nam an began to raise an army of his own

Now, two hundred years later the city has fallen to anarchy like the rest of the island, there is no trade, no work, no safety


Head of City: None
Population: 20,000
Item Value Limit None
Walls: None
Stationed Forces: None
Prohibited Items: None
Places of Worship None
Trade Goods: None
Openness None
Port: No
Services: None
Regions: None
Geography: Open grassland
Landmarks: The Black Tower

When the new settlers arrived on the island the only exsisting structure was the Black Tower, originally thought to have been constructed by the elves, it was quickly revealed to have been of Zariger design, the settlers could not gain entry into its interior, its thick walls seamed impenatrable, is reflective doors even more so.

Shortly before Ungir cut contact there were claims that Bolaric Weild was seen entering the structure, but it was dismissed as false as the tower had never been breached.

Location: Roughly Centre of Ungir
Built (Alliance Year): Age of Oppression
, The Mansion of Weild

Built by the first settler of the Weild family, an oppulant building far to big for the family itself, but it was a mark of his wealth and the power granted to him by Queen Reager as custodian of the island.

When anarchy broke out, an unknown military force surrounded the mansion to keep it safe, these black armoured warriors branded huge axes and would slay any that got close to the mansion

Location: East Coast
Built (Alliance Year): 2311
Climate: Warm


Pantheon Aspect: The Forces of Good

The Aspect of Light comprises of Victirus, Rayis, Mathandria, and Elfinihiar. They are three of the five the children of Frahuden is a pantheon dedicated to the morally driven society when the society is of mixxed races.

Dieties: Victirus, Rayis, Mathandria
Collective Term: The Gods
Primary deity: Rayis
High Cleric: Raoul Soyer
Secondry deities: Victirus
Prohibited deities: Abixlion, Nazitsor, Katrinix, Vorseth


Population: 50,000 (95%. Human

If you don't know what a human is, you're in trouble.

Quick to learn and adapt, they survive in all bar the most extreme of environments with ease.

Playable Race

Spoken Languages: Common The widley used langauge of Terrainia, although it varis a little, through dialect and acent, it remains interprettable by anyone with the most basic of understanding of it.
Demonym: Ungirans The people of Ungir.
Commonly called Traitors by the people of Talax.
Laws and Justice: None - Anarachy Rule of law has been suspended, the goverment has lost control, the nation is in chaos.

Theft Example:
Magicial Law: Unrestricted - Anarachy There is no restriction beacue there is no law in force.
Architecture: Talax Architecture Stone buildings, Rendered Walls, Angular Clean lines, Multiple stories, Tiled roofs, Arched and glazed windows, Columns, Blaclonies, Roof Terraces. Roads are paved, Underground sewage systems. Farms are fenced privately owned property.


State:None - Anarchy

The enconomy has failed, no trade, no resource, the streets arent safe so the enconomy is over.
Taxation:No Economy
Main Exports:None
Main Imports:
Trade Partners:


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State of War

Enemies at War: None This nation might have minor skirmishes with other nations or independant factions, but is not at open war.

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Ungir Militia When Ungir raised an army the bulk of it was formed from the Talax stationed militia that had stayed when they declared indepndance, and the rest from citizens who lost thier income, or families, due to the Brold raids.
No standard equipment is available, but they dont have access to anything more than light armour and simple swords and shields

Fighters on foot.
Light Armour, Shield Short Sword.
Core Cavalry:Ungir Mounted Militia The Ungir militia form mounted units to aid their repsone to invaders, and to carry warning signals from town to town

Fighters on Horse.
Light Armour, Spear.
Elite Infantry:Ungir Veterans Trained soldiers from Talax that retired to Ungir raised their children to join the Talax army and contribute, but after independance these young adults had to chose to stya in Talax or join the militia.
As the only fighters with trainign they are often put in command of a battlefield, under orders to repel the invaders at any cost.

Fighters on foot.
Medium Armour, Nelyani Longblade.
Elite Cavalry:Ungir Knights Orignaly the Ungir Knights were a single unit of twelve knights of Talax, each had sworn an oath to the first lord of Ungir, but over the years the generators that followed became more interested in gold than oaths and when the nation fell into Anarchy these were paid handsomly to protect Bolaric Weild.

Fighters on Horse.
Heavy Armour, Shiled, Lance, Morningstar.
Unique Unit:Black Guardians Mysteriously appearing overnight, right at the moment the nation fell into chaos, these stalwart soldiers only engage if someone approches the Mansion of Weild.
Surprisingly short in staurture, but powerful heavy armoured fighters with reflective black amrour, hige axes and a awe about them that frightens anyone who approches.

Fighters on foot.
Heavy Obsidian Armour, Heavy Axe.

Naval Forces

No Naval Forces

Characters of Reknown

The First Knight; Ghostly Spirit of the first kngiht of Ungir
Mary Ousley; Innkeeper of the Red Apple Tavern
Marc Hamson; Portmaster of Ungir (Missing)

Notorious Enemies



Boars, Small Woodland Mamals, Rodents, Birds, Horses, Snakes, Wildcats

Ungir Military in Disaray

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