Thraw is the only kingdom in the Grand Alliance that is composed of a single race; Raptorians, only their own species is allowed inland and all trade is performed in the single large port. Their peaceful nature means inclusion in the Grand Alliance is important for their safety, fortunately they are the only beings capable of crafting a unique magical item (Kor Stones) which is sought after by almost all magical adventurers.

Before the raptorians became a single nation, they were half a dozen fighting tribes, until a one of thier shamans recived a vision of what they could be. Over the next forty years this shaman shared his vision, litteraly, with the other tribes, peace was slow but when it finally arrived it was glorious.

The island itself is raised far above the ocean, with just one small mile long section low enough for outside trade, the height not only explains why only raptorians were able to reach the island in the first place, but also keeps out most unwanted visitors.


Current leader: Kor Ellen
Goverment: Theocracy A form of government in which a god or deity is recognized as the state's supreme civil ruler. Since said god or deity is usually absent from decision making, a self-appointed or elected leader or leaders of the religion of said god or deity will rule instead through personal interpretation of the laws commanded by the god in that religion's written law.
Established: In another age


Philosophy: Pacifism Inherently peaceful, abhors all violence, will always seek a diplomatic resolution and will only ever engage if something directly threatens to harm them or their way of life.
Alliances: The Grand AllianceThe Grand Alliance consits of Talax, Alantor, Ra, Razell, Thraw, Drakis and Mekis.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: Illion Duanburg is Razzel's only city, and only settlement with more than one hundred inhabitants.


Head of City Kor Ellen
Population 185,000
Item Value Limit 400,000gp
Walls None
Stationed Forces 5,000
Prohibited Items Outsiders
Places of Worship The Chapel of Kor
Level of Trade High, but through the port
Openess No Outsiders
Port Yes, detached
Services Trade Only
Regions: None
Geography: Farmland 30%, plains 30%, Mountains 30%
Landmarks: Citadel of Koradeen

Built shortly after the nation was founded, as a way to spread the newly discovered connation to the deity Koradeen amongst the Raptorian people.

The citadel is a huge structure, covering over ten acres and reaching four hundred feet high

At its core is the schools and training grounds, training young Raptorians in the art of combat, awaken their connection to the deities and perfect the forming of Kor Stones.

Built (Alliance Year): 1233 Alliance Calendar
, The Perimeter Wall

A huge wall was built around the entire island, making its unassailable cliffs even more so. The wall is twenty feet high, except when the land falls to sea level and the wall was built even higher, some places even reaching forty foot.

Thraw wanted open trade but didn?t want to let outsiders inland so they built the wall around the port and constructed a huge iron barred gate to prevent traders passing inward.

The wall has a constant station of four thousand Raptorians, mostly stationed within its eight watchtowers, but on the walls, there are no blind spots.

Location: Around the entire coast, atop Thraw's large cliffs
Built (Alliance Year): 1446 Alliance Calendar
Climate: Hot


Pantheon Aspect: Kor

The aspect of Kor comprieses the worship of Koradeen and Korilon, each reprsenting the differant aspect of the Raptorian way of life.

Dieties: Koradeen and Korilon
Collective Term: The Kors
Primary deity: Koradeen
Lord of Storms: Kor Arianna
Secondry deities: Korilon
Prohibited deities: All Others


Population: 500,000. Raptorian

The Raptorian race descends from a blend of human and bird constructed by Vorseth, although the millennia has seen them evolve considerably.

They are a martial race, but want peace above all else, they have a unique gift that allows them to make Kor stones, providing they have a connection to their deity Koradeen or Korilon.

Playable Race

Spoken Languages: Avan A rare languge, unpronouceable by most as its a series of clicks and whistles, its mainly used by the avaian races of Terrainia.
Demonym: Thraws The people of Thraw.
Laws and Justice: Induvidual Arbiter A single person is appointed to be judge and jury for all crimes in their given area, typically this arbiter is either the lord of the land or appointed by them directly.
If a individual appoints more than one arbiter, each will have to follow the same code laid down by their lord.

Theft Example:
Punishment will typically result in exile
Magicial Law: Schooled: Magic is permited and through schooling, encouraged. In West Talax
Architecture: Thraw Architecture Stone buildings, Bare Walls, Whitewashed, Tall, Entrances above ground level, Large archways in outerwalls on upper floors, Wooden roofs, Glazed windows. Roads are paved, No sewage system. Farms are open wild ground.



A strong economy means high value goods are readily available, and wealthy induviduals often seek warriors for quests or for personal guard.
Taxation:None, Self Suffiant This society doesnt collect taxes, they are self suffiant, living off the land, and having resources to sell far beyond that they need to buy
Main Exports:Kor Stones
Main Imports:All metals, Leather, Tools
Trade Partners:Talax


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State of War

Enemies at War: None: Protected Via the protection of a greater force, this nation is not at war directly with any other, though they may contribute to thier protectors war effort.

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Perimeter Guard A wall stationed soldier, although each is schooled in all forms of combat, each chooses to specialise in one of the many forms.

Fighter on foot (Can Fly).
Light Armour, Composite Bow and Short Sword
Core Cavalry:Wind Riders Not cavalry in the traditional sense, but the Wind Riders are specialists in aerial combat and attacking while swopping past an opponent.

Fighter (Airborne).
Light Armour, Mace
Elite Infantry:Port Guard The strongest fighters, the keenest of archers, and the most faithful of clerics man the port walls and patrol the port itself.
These not only protect the wall and gate; they offer swift justice to those doing wrong.

Fighter on foot (Can Fly).
Heavy Armour, Shield, Longsword
Trained Beasts:Avian Hounds Avian hounds are a bird canine hybrid, fiercely loyal, incredibly intelligent, just shy of sentence they can communicate with the Raptorians on a higher level.
Because of this they make an excellent attack unit for the Raptorian army.

Beast on Foot (Can Fly).
Warmachines:Scorpion Wooden construction which requiers two soldiers to operate.

Medium bolt throwing device.
Unique Unit:Stormcasters An arcane regiment of Raptorians, the most powerful regiment within their army. Able to summon the elemental forces of electric and air.

Spellcasters on foot (Can Fly).
Light Armour, Stormstave

Naval Forces

No Naval Forces

Renown Heroes

Thordoris; Keeper of the Citadel & Kor Protectorate
Rena; Head of the Port Guard
Dimos; Mighty Stormcaster

Notorious Enemies

Darius Stormbreaker; Traitorus stormcaster, escaped from prison


Snakes, Birds, Avian Hounds, Boar, Sheep, Lions

Thraw Military Forces

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