Talis is a mixed race nation, home to human, elf, dwarf, Goanna, Centaur or even Korta. Established barely thitty years ago by a Free Trader when age and injury forced him to find a home. The previously uninhabited island has flourished into a large trade port, where merchant and pirate alike can find a common ground of free trade and a good time.

Only 'home' to the Corsairs, and any family they brought to the island


Current leader: The Commodore
Goverment: Despotism A form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. That entity may be an individual or it may be a group.
Established: 30 years ago


Philosophy: Solitary Does not seek war or alliances, wants to be free of rules of other nations
Alliances: None This nation might be at peace with other nations, but has not signed formal treaties.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: Barter Town

A hive of activity, not really a city in the normal sense, its a densely packed group of wooden buidlings, often buitl from wood take from damaged vessles, forged into a series of homes and general stores, and of course a few dozen taverns and brothels.

The one law in Barter Town is that you will not injure or kill any of the cities workers, be it a member of the Corsairs, a wench, a merchant. To do so is to recive the commodroes punishment; immeditate execution.


Head of City: The Commodore
Population: 2,000
Item Value Limit High
Walls: None
Stationed Forces: 500
Prohibited Items: None
Places of Worship None
Trade Goods: Yes
Openness Full
Port: Yes
Services: Eveything...
Regions: None
Geography: Plains
Landmarks: The Buccaneer Inn

The largest Tavern on the island, owned by the Commodore himself although he leaves it to his previous quatermaster to run it, its the only place he will drink in, and as such its beocme the place to do business.

Merchants ply the quatermaster a fair few coin to be able to use the tavern, bringing in a decent amount of money to the commodores purse

Location: Centre of Barter Town
Built (Alliance Year): 2966
, The Watchtower

Partially the remains of an elven watchtower, rebuilt by the Commodore's men to give them the means to watch further out to see

At its top sits a brazier, to aid the travel of trading vessels in fog and at night. A series of panels and mirrored glass allow them to signal other ships in the area to indicate when to approach, or to lend aid in an emergency.

Location: North of Talis
Built (Alliance Year): 2967
Climate: Hot


Pantheon Aspect: Humanism

The aspect of Humanism follows the theory that Rayis and Victirus are their creators and as such are owed thier dedication.

Dieties: Rayis and Victirus
Collective Term: The Creators
Primary deity: Rayis
Preacher: Coper Brent
Secondry deities: Victirus, Mathandria
Prohibited deities: None (Free Choice) The goverment of the land simply dont care, they allow a full and free choice becuase they dont percive anything to be unsafe.


Population: 20,000. Human

If you don't know what a human is, you're in trouble.

Quick to learn and adapt, they survive in all bar the most extreme of environments with ease.

Playable Race

(50%), Others (50%)
Spoken Languages: Common The widley used langauge of Terrainia, although it varis a little, through dialect and acent, it remains interprettable by anyone with the most basic of understanding of it.
Demonym: Corsairs The people that reside full time on the island of Talis are all part of the Commodores people and they call theselves Corsairs.
Laws and Justice: No Law Structure No discernible law structure exists either because no discernible community exists or the inhabitants are self-governing.

Theft Example:
If discovered by a inhabitant capable of taking action the thief is likely to be killed.
Magicial Law: Unrestricted Magic is permitted and not monitored, often those with skill are sought after by the government or wealthy individuals for protection.
Architecture: Talis Architecture Single settlement with wooden buildings, porches, Two story at most, poorly maintained, Glazed windows, space between buildings is covered with wood planks. Dirt tracks to reach other areas, Open farms owned by the Commodore but ran by farmers paying a levy, Simple sewage system.


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State of War

Enemies at War: None This nation might have minor skirmishes with other nations or independant factions, but is not at open war.

Military Forces

No Military Forces

Naval Forces

No Naval Forces

Characters of Reknown

Algeron Penny; Preacher of Rayis on the island of Talis
Palmer Reeves; First Mate of the Commadore
Dwight Alder; Quatermater for the Corsairs, runs the Buccaneer
Truman Grove; Protective brothel keeper
Richmond White; Keeper of the Coin & Tax Collector

Notorious Enemies



Sheep, Pigs, Birds, Rodents

Talis Shoresmen

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