Talax is a proud nation led by a just and honorable queen, who looks to see no human, elf or other held in slavery, unjustly imprisoned, or suffering. The nation is wealthy and prosperous, a powerful army stands ready and the worlds most impressive navy watches over half the worlds oceans


Current leader: Queen Karla Raeger
Goverment: Monarchy A monarchy is a form of government in which the right to rule is absolute until death or abdication, at which point the right is inherited by a predetermind other.
Line of Sucession:Xvania Raeger, Jozin Raeger
Established: circa 4500 years ago


Philosophy: Loyalism Aggressive but with values, will only go to war to provide a better world for either their own nation, or to liberate another.
Will seek alliances with larger nations for security, smaller nations to protect them.
Alliances: The Grand AllianceThe Grand Alliance consits of Talax, Alantor, Ra, Razell, Thraw, Drakis and Mekis., Ultwe
Embassy Locations: Berkit (Alantor), City of Brass (Mekis)


Capital City: East: Talax City, West: Karlaria
Regions: Talax East, Talax West
Geography: 50% Farmland, 30% forest, 10% Mountains.
Landmarks: The Talaxion Palace

Built for Gwanhail Hoardrin by the people of East Talax for her to take residence after her coronation, extended each time a new monarch took the throne.

Location: Talax City (East Talax)
Built (Alliance Year): -1369
, The Raeger Library

Built by Karla Raeger during the rebuild of Talax West, it boasts the largest collection of books, tapestries and maps in Terrainia.

Location: Asifamel
Built (Alliance Year): 2
Elven Cairn Stones

A historic site protected by the people of Talax, though they do not know what they signify.

Clerics of Talax find a deeper connecting to their deities while within the ring of stones.

Location: West of Talax City at the foot of the mountains
Built (Alliance Year): Pre Talax
, The Ruins of Alir

A once mighty fortress now in ruins, it once protected East Talax from invaders across the desert, destroyed during the berserker uprising, now it honours those who fell defending it.

Location: North-east of Chaue halfway to Jelles
Built (Alliance Year): -1350
Climate: Temperate


Pantheon Aspect: The Forces of Light

The Aspect of Light comprises of Victirus, Rayis, Mathandria, and Elfinihiar. They are four of the five the children of Frahuden and as such older civilizations refer to this aspect as the the Aspect of Frahuden.

Dieties: Victirus, Rayis, Mathandria, and Elfinihiar
Collective Term: The Gods of Light
Primary deity: Rayis
High Priest: Louis Paggil
Secondry deities: Victirus, Mathandria, Elfinihiar
Prohibited deities: Katrinix, Nazitsor, Abixlion


Population: 14 Million. Human

If you don't know what a human is, you're in trouble.

Quick to learn and adapt, they survive in all bar the most extreme of environments with ease.

Playable Race

(90%), Half Elf

An offspring of an Elf and a Human.

A blend of the two species, resulting in a shorter lived, more adaptable elf.

Playable Race


A catch all term for the elf races of the world, it includes the:
Nelvari (Dark Elves), Nelyani (Elves), Nelothi (Wild Elves),Neltani (Frost Elves) and Nelquani (Sea Elves)

(1%), Halfling

Creation of Mathanria, a more naturalised huamn, but shorter and stockier to live within the world.

Much more intuned with nature than other species, except possibly the Nelothi (Wild Elves).

Playable Race

Spoken Languages: Common The widley used langauge of Terrainia, although it varis a little, through dialect and acent, it remains interprettable by anyone with the most basic of understanding of it. , Elvari A langauge common amongst elves, recognised by most other races and can be learnt by anyone.

Typically refered to as elvish, but only amongst those who don't speak it.
Demonym: Talaxian The people of Talax.
Laws and Justice: True Justice. The Laws of the land are fair and right, neither favouring the monarchy or the elite, those found to have broken any laws are put on trial by jury, although punishments are extreme.

Theft Example:
If proven by trial, will typically result in the loss of a finger or hand.
Magicial Law: Schooled: Magic is permited and through schooling, encouraged. Various Sites
Architecture: Talax Architecture Stone buildings, Rendered Walls, Angular Clean lines, Multiple stories, Tiled roofs, Arched and glazed windows, Columns, Blaclonies, Roof Terraces. Roads are paved, Underground sewage systems. Farms are fenced privately owned property.



A strong economy means high value goods are readily available, and wealthy induviduals often seek warriors for quests or for personal guard.
Taxation:Low & Fair Taxation hits the rich more than the poor, and is managable for all
Resources:Farming. Mining (silver and gold)
Main Exports:Cotton, leather, wheat and grain
Main Imports:Steel and other metals
Trade Partners:Alantor, Ultwe, Mekis


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State of War

Enemies at War: Blackmarsh
General of WarGeneral Katlin

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Men at Arms Trained for two years in all forms of combat, each man at arms can wield a bastard sword and shield or a longbow, often they carry both.

Fighters on foot.
Medium Armour, Shield, Bastard Sword and/or Longbow.
Core Cavalry:Light Cavalry After serving as a man at arms for at least one year, these soldiers will get trained to fight on horseback, once they master the horse and spear, they are placed in a cavalry regiment.

Fighters mounted on Horses.
Heavy Armour, Shield, Bastard Sword and Spear.
Elite Infantry:Dragon Guard Only the best of the Talax regiments get inducted into the Guard, each must not only be a formidable warrior but possess a strength of will to endure any mental attack.

Knights on foot.
Heavy Armour, Shield, Bastard Sword.
Elite Cavalry:Dragon Knights Only the best of the Talax cavalry regiments get inducted into the Guard, each must not only be a formidable warrior but possess a strength of will to endure any mental attack.

Knights mounted on Heavy Horses.
Heavy Armour, Lance, Bastard Sword.
Warmachines:Trebuchet Wooden constructions which requires a whole squad of soldiers and serfs to opperate.

Large rock throwing device.
Warmachines:Scorpion Wooden construction which requiers two soldiers to operate.

Medium bolt throwing device.
Unique Unit:Knights Asari The most pious of champions from the armies of Talax can inducted into this unit and granted the power to summon a celestial in the formed of a winged lion (Leo-Asari)

champions mounted on Leo-Asari.
Heavy Armour, Lance, Bastard Sword.

Naval Forces

Escort ClassTalax Interceptor

Armed with a light ram and wither a scorpian or Ballista these ships are fast and angile

Escort ClassTalaxian Sprinter
Ship of the LineTalaxian Accoster

The Accoster is designed to act in concert with other ships of the same class, outranging most other navies’ vessels and often just sitting lengthwise of the port to make full use of its immense bulk before closing on weaker vessels to seize contraband being smuggled in or out.

Ship of the LineTalaxian Corvette
FlagshipTalaxian Phoenix

The Phoenix is a prototype ship designed by the eccentric shipwright Tamuric of Jelles. A man who has spent years as both sorcerer and cleric who decided to combine his three muses into an ‘image of perfection’. The ship is itself a symbol of the land of Talax, whilst the fire element is part of Rayis’ attributes, and the reliance on the arcane his love of magic.

FlagshipTalaxian Dragoon
Designed by the ship builders of Talax; The Dragoon is a heavy warship armed with swivel mounted balistas and twin deck mounted catpults. One of its key features is an increased height for the rear deck to aid the ships mage during battle.

Renown Heroes

Admiral Talin; Admiril of the Talax Defence Fleet
Captain Gelen; Captain of Talax West 1st Company

Notorious Enemies

Arkarzan; Evil lich intent on world annihilation
The Frozen Horror; Undead abomination
Ferik: The Zombie King; Bloodthirty sorcerer from the deserts
Commander Blackstone; Warlord Tyrant of Blackmarsh


Boars, Small Woodland Mamals, Rodents, Birds, Horses, Snakes, Wildcats

Talax Military Forces

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