The isles of Shadow are a series of small isalnds between Dasima and the continent of Talax, so called becuase they are permentaly shrouded in the magial mist that keeps Dasima hidden from the rest of Terrainia.

Because these islands are also cut of from the rest of the world, the elves use each island as a training area, as each neopythe completes one they move on to the next, harder island.

Each island has little on its surface beyond the natural forest, beneath the surface is a differant matter, each island protects a portal to another place within Terrainia, used during the initial expanse of the elven race, selaed when they were called back to dasima, now guarded by only the most trusted and experianced Guardians.

Some of the opposing portals are located in forgotten places, but some are in anceint cities still in use today, guarded from that side by other forces.



Fenithia Blackmarsh Buried
Yelinar Talax - East Protected
Huthin The Southlands Lost
Gorina Talax - West Protected
Malin Alantor Protected
Jaini The Frozen North Buried
Qethia Tavin Protected
Inethia KINGDOM_ULTWE Hidden
Koijon Zarak Buried


    The map below details each portal's approximate connection points.

Blackmarsh The Frozen North Zarak-Zine Ultwe Talax West Talax East Alantor Tavin The Southlands
Artwork of Terrainia

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