Razell is relatively small kingdom, its independence only maintained by integration into the Grand Alliance. Its twin mountains are rich in two forms of precious silver, and its these ores that provide the kingdom with great wealth and its this wealth that pays its levees to the alliance

Razell is protected by the Grand Allaince, in turn they send off a tithe of soliders every year to join the Talax army, after minimum service they are allowed to return to Razell to serve as thier elite guard. Soldiers that choose to stay and serve longer are offered a permenant home within Talax


Current leader: Governor Harker
Goverment: Feudalism Government by a usually hereditary class of military landowners, who exact goods and services from a peasant class in exchange for protection. Usually features complex webs of loyalties and ranks.
Line of Sucession:Palus Harker
Established: 893 years ago


Philosophy: Defensivism Inherently peaceful, will defend themselves and their allies should the situation require it.
Alliances: The Grand AllianceThe Grand Alliance consits of Talax, Alantor, Ra, Razell, Thraw, Drakis and Mekis.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: Duanburg Duanburg is Razzel's only city, and only settlement with more than one hundred inhabitants.


Head of City Govener Harker
Population 15,000
Item Value Limit 25,000gp
Walls 25ft Wooden Pallisade
Stationed Forces 100 Talax Infantry
Prohibited Items None
Places of Worship 1x Humanism Abbey
Level of Trade High
Openess Unrestricted
Port Yes
Services Basic +
Regions: None
Geography: 50% Mountain, 40% Farmland
Landmarks: Dragons Lair

Now a graveyard littered with the bones of unfortunates, and one large skeleton of a long dead drake, the dragons lair is a treasure hunters dream.

Although it?s been over two hundred years since the drake was slain and heroes raided its horde, adventurers still climb the dangerous mountain to seek gold that the others have missed.

Location: Near the peak of the southernmost mountain
Built (Alliance Year):
, Beacon of Razell

One of two remaining elven watchtowers, 200ft high, topped with an iron basket designed to hold a large stack of wood.

The site is maintained by the Governor?s house out of respect for a time long lost to history.

Location: At the peak of the northernmost mountain
Built (Alliance Year): Pre Razell
Climate: Warm


Pantheon Aspect: Humanism

The aspect of Humanism follows the theory that Rayis and Victirus are their creators and as such are owed thier dedication.

Dieties: Rayis and Victirus
Collective Term: The Creators
Primary deity: Rayis
Lord Advisor: Delis Olorin
Secondry deities: Victirus
Prohibited deities: Katrinix, Nazitsor, Abixlion


Population: 50,000. Human

If you don't know what a human is, you're in trouble.

Quick to learn and adapt, they survive in all bar the most extreme of environments with ease.

Playable Race

(99%), Others (>1%)
Spoken Languages: Common The widley used langauge of Terrainia, although it varis a little, through dialect and acent, it remains interprettable by anyone with the most basic of understanding of it.
Demonym: Razzellian The people of Razell.
Laws and Justice: Induvidual Arbiter A single person is appointed to be judge and jury for all crimes in their given area, typically this arbiter is either the lord of the land or appointed by them directly.
If a individual appoints more than one arbiter, each will have to follow the same code laid down by their lord.

Theft Example:
Punishment will typically result in exile
Magicial Law: Schooled: Magic is permited and through schooling, encouraged. The Harker Mansion
Architecture: Talax Architecture Stone buildings, Rendered Walls, Angular Clean lines, Multiple stories, Tiled roofs, Arched and glazed windows, Columns, Blaclonies, Roof Terraces. Roads are paved, Underground sewage systems. Farms are fenced privately owned property.



A moderate economy means high value goods are sometimes available, and occasionally wealthy induviduals will seek warriors for quests.
Taxation:Low & Fair Taxation hits the rich more than the poor, and is managable for all
Resources:Mining (Mithril, quicksilver). Farming
Main Exports:Mithril, quicksilver
Main Imports:Mining Equipment
Trade Partners:Talax, Mekis


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State of War

Enemies at War: None: Protected Via the protection of a greater force, this nation is not at war directly with any other, though they may contribute to thier protectors war effort.

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Militia A core of militia act as the islands lawmen and are ready to repel invaders, at least until help arrives

Fighter on foot.
Light Armour, Short Sword or Bow
Core Cavalry:Riders Primarily used to send work from one outpost to another, or to spread word though the settlements if under attack, they don’t generally enter combat, but have been trained in hit and run tactics to harass any enemy who make it inland

Fighter on Horse.
Light Armour, Shield, Spear and Bow
Elite Infantry:Repatriated Soldiers Although small in number these elite fighters will hold their ground against ten times their number, stationed centrally do deploy as a unit to the attack site

Fighter on foot.
Heavy Armour, Shield, Bastard Sword Sword
Elite Cavalry:Repatriated Knights Like the foot soldiers, these veteran Talax Knights are held central until needed, when deployed they strike hard and fast, often breaking the enemy in a single charge

Fighter on Heavy Horse.
Heavy Armour, Shield, Bastard Sword and Lance
Unique Unit:Governors Guard The best of the best, there are few soldiers that can match the prowess of the governor\’s guard, they are few of number because many simply fall short of their requirements.
Sworn to defend the Governor and his line of ascension before all others or die trying.

Fighter on Foot.
Heavy Armour, Shield, Ranseur

Naval Forces

No Naval Forces

Renown Heroes

Alaric Rayson; An returned solider of Talax.
Merin the Brave; A civilian who saved the governer from pirates.
Eckhart Wexler; First of the Governors Guard

Notorious Enemies

Greytooth; Massive grey wolf with unnatural intelligence.


Boars, Rodents, Birds, Horses, Snakes, Goats, Small Woodland Mamals

Razell Military Forces

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