Korrina Kar-rin-na is an island of feline anamorphic species, the Korta, brought together by the deity Pantheristhousands of years ago. They are an independant nation, with a faction based society, with each faction living in a differant section of the island, with a central section for trading. Each faction also lends a portion of its population to defence of the island at all times.

They are a peacefull nation but very inward, outsiders are allowed but are generally distrusted, and only allowed in certain areas. Outsiders are prohibted from the white bloosom tree orchards, a tree that grows nowhere else.


Current leader: Co'el Lightweaver
Goverment: Democracy Democracy refers to a broad range of types of government based upon the "consent of the governed." In its purest form it is the same thing as mobocracy, but it is usually practiced in the form of a republic, which provides checks and balances and an establishment that is able to tap an unruly mob on its collective head.
Established: circa 5000 years ago


Philosophy: Defensivism Inherently peaceful, will defend themselves and their allies should the situation require it.
Alliances: None This nation might be at peace with other nations, but has not signed formal treaties.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: Rana

Rana lies to the southwest of the island, standing on its own samll piece of land connected by a archway to the mainland

Each of the five factions of Korta are present in the city, and specifically its municipal buildings in which each holds a reprsentivie who act as head of their faction.

Its an impreesive strucure by Korta standards, its high walls of white stone offer real defence in time of need, its catacombs below can house the entrie Korta popualtion if needed.


Head of City:
Item Value Limit
Stationed Forces:
Prohibited Items:
Places of Worship
Trade Goods:
Regions: 5 faction regions, 1 central trade region
Geography: 60% Forest, 20% farmland
Landmarks: The Mines of Shadows

The mines dug by the Zariger are a reminder of the lands history, but are now a place of fear and mystery, those that dare to enter never return, the Council of Ramthox have decreed the area off limits.

Location: In the north of the island
Built (Alliance Year):
, The Black Cliffs

Surrounded by jagged rocks, these black cliffs are a trechourous thing to find during a dark night, for the cliffs reflect no moonlight, it is often too late before the ship realises and can not turn off.

Location: Along the northern coastline
Built (Alliance Year):
The Tomb of Pantheris

When Pantheris fell after expeding her last life force, her form crashed to the floor and made a sizeable impression before transedning.

The Korta honoured this sacrifice and built the first Patheris temple on the site, with a section beneath the ground floor dubbed the Tomb of Patheris.

Location: In the center of the Trade region
Built (Alliance Year):
, The Korta Stage

In Rana city the stands a four foot high slab of stone, twenty feet square for anyone to voice their concearn to their leaders

While standing on this stone they will be heard and not interupted, and no repercussions can be made, the leaders are then compelled to study and decide if the concern needs action.

Location: Within the city of Rana
Built (Alliance Year):
Climate: Temperate


Pantheon Aspect: Aspect of the Wild

An aspect worhsiped by the anamorphic races of Terrainia.

Dieties: Pantheris, Vorseth, Mathandria
Collective Term: The Protectors
Primary deity: Pantheris
Patriarch: Raith Darkpaw
Secondry deities:
Prohibited deities:


Population: 150,000. Tigaris

3.5 Catfolk.


Playable Race

(20%), Pantheris

3.5 Catfolk.


Playable Race


3.5 Catfolk.


Playable Race

(20%), Chataren

3.5 Catfolk.


Playable Race


3.5 Catfolk.


Playable Race

Spoken Languages: Perkaran

A language only known to the Korta (Catfolk) and the lucky few that spend enough time around them and can learn the subtlties of a a language performed as much by the twitching of whiskers as the words sounded out.

, Common The widley used langauge of Terrainia, although it varis a little, through dialect and acent, it remains interprettable by anyone with the most basic of understanding of it.
Demonym: Korrinans The people of Korrina.
Laws and Justice: Council Abitration. A Council of the lands highest officials decide the outcome, each case is individually assessed and sentencing can vary widely even on cases identical.

Theft Example:
Punishment can range from a fine, to execution
Magicial Law: Schooled: Magic is permited and through schooling, encouraged. City of Rana
Architecture: Korrina Architecture Wooden small buildings, single story, Shuttered windows. Dirt roads, No sewage, Open famring.



A currency devoid society, citizens trade what they have surplus of for what they need, trade with other nations is often difficult. Although high value items are not readily avilable, when one is found, it is often unique.
Taxation:None, Self Suffiant This society doesnt collect taxes, they are self suffiant, living off the land, and having resources to sell far beyond that they need to buy
Resources:White Bloosom Trees, Farming
Main Exports:White blossom Leaves
Main Imports:Tools, Steel, Silks
Trade Partners:Oakenlir, Tavin


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State of War

Enemies at War: None This nation might have minor skirmishes with other nations or independant factions, but is not at open war.

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Leonin Defenders The bulk of the Korrina forces are from the larger species Leonin, they train all day and take their duty as defenders of Korrina very seriously
Well-equipped by Korta standards these fighters patrol the coastline and engage anyone that tries to enter, giving them one warning and only one.
Armed with their signature weapon the Monk's Blade, a crescent steel blade atop a shaft of wood made from the white blossom tree.

Fighters on foot.
Light Armour, Monk's Blade.
Core Cavalry:Chataren Archers The Chataren favour the bow, able to strike from concealed locations and using their mighty speed they can flank the enemy in open war or respond to attack anywhere on the island.

Fighter on foot (& hands).
No Armour, longbow.
Elite Infantry:Tigaris Night Weavers The Tigaris core are small in number but strike hard, rarely called to battle but constantly ready.
Unarmoured and wielding twin blades soaked in poisonous venom.

Fighters on foot.
No Armour, Dual Poisoned Jittes.
Elite Cavalry:Paradus Beast Masters The Paradus prefer to train beasts to do their fighting, so they raise and train various large animals including elephants, rhinos and even their distant cousins; lions and tigers.
These beasts follow commands of their masters from large distances, a bond forms between master and beast and they become like parent and child.

Large Beasts of various genus on foot.
Unique Unit:Panthris Shamans The Panthris form the core of the religious order, and as such they have enough shamans to station multiple groups in various strategic sites.
Each group is called a Sphere, and each Sphere has four members and one cardinal.
They focus on healing while in a combat situation, and only turn to attack if all else fails.

Shamans on foot.
Light Armour, Enchanted Robe, Quarterstaff.

Naval Forces

No Naval Forces

Renown Heroes

Chandralaka; General of the Leonin forces
Baburam; Head of the Paradus region, Lord of Beasts
Niraji; Tigaris warrior regent

Notorious Enemies

Dougaril Dawnbreaker; Exiled Leonin
The Faceless; Dopleganger


Small woodland Mamals, Horses, Goats, Boar, Birds, Snakes, Deer, Rodents

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