Kerbastila is a landless nation, the population exsist high above the clouds, floating from one reagion to another aboard huge skycraft, held aloft by large rotating blades and vast chambers of hot air or gas.

The arcitects of the flying machines are a strange hybrid of rat and man, born of the same power that created the lycanthropes, but they exsist in the state between man and animal and have lost the ability to transform.

Called Norvegicans, these 'Rat People' are the most technologialy minded race of Terrainia, where the engineers of Mekis are masters of building living machines, the Norvegicans are masters of the sciences, they have learnt how to manipulate the elemetal forces with no ties to divine or arcane power.


Current leader: Alacashi
        - Head of:The Fleet Marshals
Council Members:Omninir, Jhaz, Fetle, Maclaugh
Goverment: Democracy Democracy refers to a broad range of types of government based upon the "consent of the governed." In its purest form it is the same thing as mobocracy, but it is usually practiced in the form of a republic, which provides checks and balances and an establishment that is able to tap an unruly mob on its collective head.
Established: circa 1200 years ago


Philosophy: Isolationism Keeps itself cut of from the rest of the world, no trade, no war, will often have a natural or magical perimeter barrier.
Alliances: None This nation might be at peace with other nations, but has not signed formal treaties.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: Cloudchaser

An airship city, held aloft thousands of feet above the ground, higher than any mountain by huge balloons formed of rubberised cotton and bound with forged steel.

One of five airships of the Kerbastila People, Cloudchaser is somewhat bigger than the others and houses over twenty thousand Norvegicans. The city looks like a huge ship out of water, with its sails replaced with balloons and its oar replaced by huge leathery wings to control it.

The uper deck of the hull is nearly one hundred achers in area, on which is a small forest and farmland to supply food to its citizens. Water is collested from the clouds themselves through ingenious technological devices, which not only turn water vapour to water, but also purify it.


Head of City:
Item Value Limit
Stationed Forces:
Prohibited Items:
Places of Worship
Trade Goods:
Regions: 5 Airships
Geography: Not Applicable
Climate: Not Applicable


Pantheon Aspect:
Primary deity:
Secondry deities:
Prohibited deities:


Population: . ()
Spoken Languages:
Laws and Justice:
Magicial Law:


Main Exports:
Main Imports:
Trade Partners:


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State of War

Enemies at War: None

Military Forces

Naval Forces

No Naval Forces

Renown Heroes

No Reknown Heroes


Roaming Enemies

Kerbastila Military Forces

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