The realm of the frostfolk is harsh beyond measure, the augmented human race that evolved into Frostfolk are an inherintly evil, sadistic, brutal race. Spawned from residual dark energy during a period of Naztisor's time in the southalnds, he further empowered them once they devoted themselves to him entirely.

Ruled by a ancient frostgiant whom has also been given the gifts of Nazitsor, from a fortress deep in the artic region with towers so tall he can see his whole empire.


Current leader: Kotivarrg
Goverment: Tyranny Pretty much no goverment to speak of, a single induvidual rules of everyhting in thier domain, using either power or fear or most typically a combination of both.
Established:  years ago


Philosophy: Warmongering Aggressive and consistently looking to wage war, attacks for pure sport or to revel in the disruption such activity creates.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: Varrg Bastion Varrg Bastion is the only permentant place in the southlands, it is a mighty fortress of rock and stone, built by the Varrg clan of frostgiants.


Head of City Kotivarrg
Population 25,000
Item Value Limit 100,000gp
Walls 100ft rock face and stone
Stationed Forces 5,000 various
Prohibited Items None
Places of Worship 1x Temple of Nazitsor
Level of Trade Low
Openess No outsiders
Port No
Services Basic
Regions: Inner region, Coastal Reg
Geography: 100% Froxen Plains
Climate: Cold


Pantheon Aspect: Aspect of Frostfell

The aspect of Frostfell is only acknowledged in the southlands, where the frostfolk of Varrg follow Nazitsors teachings.

Dieties: Nazitsor, ??? and ???
Collective Term: Lords of the Ice
Primary deity: Nazitsor
Secondry deities:
Prohibited deities: None (Balance) For the sake of balance, all dieties are permitted, though the worship and use of the dark pantheons power is watched and controlled.


Population: 750,000 (80% Frostfolk, 5. ()
Spoken Languages: Common The widley used langauge of Terrainia, although it varis a little, through dialect and acent, it remains interprettable by anyone with the most basic of understanding of it.
Laws and Justice: Clan Based Customs No discernible law structure exists but each clan will have customs that are followed or else.

Theft Example:
The clan leader deals out punishment on an individual basis.
Magicial Law: Unrestricted Magic is permitted and not monitored, often those with skill are sought after by the government or wealthy individuals for protection.



A moderate economy means high value goods are sometimes available, and occasionally wealthy induviduals will seek warriors for quests.
Main Exports:
Main Imports:
Trade Partners:


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State of War

Enemies at War:

Military Forces

Naval Forces

No Naval Forces

Renown Heroes

Klion Varrg
Enjar Borja
Astrine Fehn


Roaming Enemies

Frostfolk Military Forces

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