The birthplace of the Nelyani the original land Elfinihiar settled them upon. Beneath the surface is a powerful relic of divine prevelance, an artifact so powerful that the elves within the magically protected land of Dasima are blessed with eternal life.

A typical elf will enjoy a couple hundred years as a student or neopythe, taking one of four paths to reach the status of guardian. Guardians then spend a thousand years watching the shores, the best get to crew the patrol ships, the dreadnoughts


Current leader: Lord Dasima Athilin
Goverment: Theocracy A form of government in which a god or deity is recognized as the state's supreme civil ruler. Since said god or deity is usually absent from decision making, a self-appointed or elected leader or leaders of the religion of said god or deity will rule instead through personal interpretation of the laws commanded by the god in that religion's written law.
Established: In another age


Philosophy: Isolationism Keeps itself cut of from the rest of the world, no trade, no war, will often have a natural or magical perimeter barrier.
Alliances: None
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City:
Regions: West Forest, The Plains, East Ridge
Geography: 50% Grassland, 20% Forest, 20% Mountain
Landmarks: The Obsidian Obelisk

Possibly the most powerful artefact on the mortal plane, to stand infront of it is a great feat indeed, to be able to touch it requiers substantial willpower, other than a handfull of outsiders only elf kind has laid eyes upon it.

The artefact bestows immortality upon those that reside on Dasima, an effect that fades should they spend too long away from the island.

As well as immortality the artefact can bestow great power upon those that touch it and survive, but thats not an easy task.

Location: Hidden beneath the surface
Built (Alliance Year):
, The Nebularis

This ancient device shrouds the seas surrounding Dasima in a thick fog, its a magical device of some power and requiers constant maintainance.

The fog it creates is also magical, for it diverts sea faring vessels away from the island in such a way the crew of the vessle dont even know they have been subverted, for if they plotted their course on a map it would often show them passing right through the island itself.

Should the vessles helmsman be of immense willpower it is possible the fogs enchantments could fail, on this increadbly rare occasion the fleet of Dasima is sent to intercept, althoguh every effort is made to avoid confrontation, sometimes the Neyani are left little choice.

Location: Within the city of Tell'lea
Built (Alliance Year):
The Tower of Vigilance

An increadibly tall tower, a marvel in its own right, so tall it can be seen from any point on the island.

The space in the top of the tower is manned by a collective of the most powerful Nelyani mages, each tasked with watching a section of the island and its coastline at all times.

The stairs that line in the interior number in the thousands, but the Nelyani have more effeciant ways of reaching the top.

Location: In the exact centre of Dasima
Built (Alliance Year):
, The Landbridge

The landbridge, or rather, what remains of it, extends north of the island by a few hundred metres. It once connected the isalnd of Dasima to the North region, but when Elfinihiar called them hom she destoryed the bridge to prevent invaders finding Dasima and the obelisk of obsidian she created.

Location: Pae'lea
Built (Alliance Year):
Climate: Hot


Pantheon Aspect: Aspect of the Nelyani

The Nelyani know of every deity that exsists in the multiverse, they know of their origins and true forms, this is taught to all neophytes.

Although the Nelyani know all this, they also know they are a direct creation of Elfinihiar, and follwo the teachings of her completly.

The rest of the pantheon is those dragons that fought along side her, the Nelyani offer prayer and tribute to them as well, but do not seek them for guidance or power.

The pantheon of deities of the ruinous powers are strictly banned, including all children of them.

Dieties: Elfinihiar
Collective Term: The Children of Elfinihiar
Primary deity: Elfinihiar
High Priestess: Lady Ulinda Merin
Secondry deities:
Prohibited deities: The Forces of Despair

The Aspect of Light comprises of Katrinix, Abixlion, Vorseth, Nazitsor and Trozok. They are the children of Saiyiden and as such older civilizations refer to this aspect as the the Aspect of Saiyiden.

Dieties: Katrinix, Abixlion, Vorseth, Nazitsor and Trozok
Collective Term: The Dark Lords


Population: 5 million. Nelyani

Elves of Dasima

The original creation of Elfinihiar, the Elves that colonised the world in another age, now confined to Ultwe.

Immortal and pretentious, the elves were first and they know it, master craftsmen, martial experts.

Playable Race

Spoken Languages: Elvari A langauge common amongst elves, recognised by most other races and can be learnt by anyone.

Typically refered to as elvish, but only amongst those who don't speak it.
Demonym: Nelyani The people of Dasima.

Elves outside of Dasima are not Nelyani, even if the term seams to fit.
Laws and Justice: Unbiased Jury. A random jury of the lands citizens decide the outcome, each case is individually assessed and sentenced according to a long standing constitution.

Theft Example:
Punishment will be imprisonment for a length of time appropriate to the theft.
Magicial Law: Schooled: Magic is permited and through schooling, encouraged. Tor'lea
Architecture: Damia Architecture Elgegant stone buildings, Very tall, Multiple Stories, White washed and rendered, Conicle roofs with Tiles, Columns, Round glazed windows, Blaconies. Paved roads, Underground sewage, Fenced famring areas on communal land.



Only an isolated nation will be have a independant economy, as there will be no trade with outside nations. Within its own kingdom the economy generally remains stable.
Taxation:Low & Fair Taxation hits the rich more than the poor, and is managable for all
Resources:Self sufficiant
Main Exports:None
Main Imports:None
Trade Partners:None


Hover over image to enlarge and see major cities.

State of War

Enemies at War:

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Nelyani Guardians The Guardians form the bulk of the Dasima fighting force, they protect the coastline, they crew the ships, the police the cities.
Trained from an early age every Nelyani is taught how to be a guardian, they are comparable to the elite fighters of the world when they enter service and will serve a minimum of twenty years before pursuing other paths.

Fighters on foot.
Medium Armour, Nelyani Longbow or Nelyani Twinblades.
Core Cavalry:Guardian Knights Those that show natural talent on horseback are inducted into the knight core, although they practice every day, they rarely see action.
The horses they ride are of superior stock, having seen the world the Nelyani found the strongest and fastest of them and took them home to Dasima when called.

Fighter on Nelyani Horse.
Medium Armour, Spear.
Elite Infantry:Guardian Masters Masters primary role is too train the neophytes, should the need arise they will take command of the battlefield as individuals.
Many Masters are also Mages, those that are teach the gifted Neophytes, and when called to action wield tremendous power.

Fighters on foot.
Medium Armour, Nelyani Longblade.
Elite Cavalry:Knight Masters Those that train the Knights are both a knight and a master, as such they take command of any knights on the battlefield.
Many Masters are also Mages, those that are teach the gifted Neophytes, and when called to action wield tremendous power.

Fighters on Nelyani Horse.
Medium Armour, Nelyani Longblade.
Unique Unit:Weavers Amongst the Nelyani there are a few that can open a portal with sufficient ease that they can apply their skills to the battlefield.
These casters are all Weavers, and while an enemy may never encounter one, they are often not far away, using their portals to jump units around the battlefield.

Mages on foot or Horse.
Robes, Quarterstaff.

Naval Forces

A ship exclusive to the elves of Dasima, a miltril plated cherrywood hull with large elegant sails, armed with bolt throwers and crewd with fifty elven guardians.

Renown Heroes

Merith Hoardrin; Master Seafarer
Elina Toresse; Archmage of the Five Elements
Nichela Paeilian; Head of the Guardian order

Notorious Enemies

The Glacier Citadel
The Winterspawn


Horses, Boar, Small woodland Animals, Birds, Gazelle, Cows, Sheep

Roaming Enemies

Dasima Military Forces

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