Brold is unusual kingdom, its home to a species born of magical experimentation of the deity Vorseth; as such the snake like humanoid creatuers, know as Kandoi are malious beings filled with a eternal resentment of the rest of the world.

Governed by a enourmous Kandoi female, who rules from her mighty palace at the foot of the mountians, she rules with a ruthless vile, slaying any who show to oppose her, and sending her armies off to foreign lands to seek riches, artefacts and slaves.


Current leader: Sestora
Goverment: Despotism A form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. That entity may be an individual or it may be a group.
Established: circa 3000 years ago


Philosophy: Warmongering Aggressive and consistently looking to wage war, attacks for pure sport or to revel in the disruption such activity creates.
Alliances: None This nation might be at peace with other nations, but has not signed formal treaties.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: Sestoria


Head of City:
Item Value Limit
Stationed Forces:
Prohibited Items:
Places of Worship
Trade Goods:
Regions: The Jungles, The Mountains
Geography: 60% jungle, 20% forest, 20% Mountains
Landmarks: The Palace of Sestora

A mighty stone palace built on a plateau in the mountains, an undeniable fortress to protect the serpent queen from any attack, built by the first queen and built specifically to accomidate her size and shape, its filled with hidden tunnels that only the queen can use.

Built overlooking the kingdom, and above the river the queen wacthes her vessles leaving and returning from her throne room atop the palace, while deep in its bowles sits the Maturation Chamber,

Location: In the mountains
Built (Alliance Year): -1500
, The Fighting Pits

A huge circular stone building deep within the jungle, built with rings of steps to allow the spectators to watch the fight to the death in the pit.

The pit itself is a twenty foot deep hole in the ground, the top edge is ringed with wooden spikes to prevent escape, and the only safe way in and out is through heavy wooden gates opened from outside of the pit floor

Location: Centre of the jungle region
Built (Alliance Year): 267
Tower of Vorseth

This tower appeared overnight after the death of the first queen, the nation was in shock at the serpent queens's sudden death and had no idea of who to turn to next. The Kandoi took the towers sudden appearance as a sign of Vorseth annointing a new queen, crowds gathered around, and several hours later the doors opened, out slithered the new serpent queen.

The facial features were immediatly recognised as the first queens loyal commander, a postion of authority second only to the queen herself, such selection continued to this day, the new queen placing a subject in the postion would indicate the future queen, but that postion was only granted for as long as the queen allowed

Location: Northwest of the Island, in a walled clearing
Built (Alliance Year): -1434
, The Maturation Chamber

Deep within the palace is huge cavernous chmaber, the floor has been leveled but the rest of the chamber is natural. Accross the floor lies iron vats, the liquid within is a foul concoction revealed to the Kandoi by Vorseth herself, into these vats are placed living slaves, those that have served their other purposes for the last time.

Each unfortunate slave placed in the vat undergoes a transformation, but not all survive, and not all turn out as expected

Location: Deep under the palace
Built (Alliance Year): 823
Climate: Hot


Pantheon Aspect: Aspect of the Serpent

The aspect of the serpent is only worshiped by Yuan-Tai.

Dieties: Vorseth
Collective Term: The Serpent Lord
Primary deity: Vorseth
High Priestess: Gamoria
Secondry deities:
Prohibited deities: All Others


Population: 3 Million. Kandoi

A twisted human formed blended with serpent kind, specifially designed and nurtured by Vorseth.

Kandoi encompases both the normal version of thier species and the mutated more snake like forms known as blessed serpents.

Spoken Languages: Aspian

A language used by the Kandoi, virtually unknown beyond this race, its serpentine noises untranslatable by outsiders that somehow hear it.

Demonym: Snake People The people of Brold are refered to as snake People by outsiders due to their unique racial features rather than by their nation of origin.
Laws and Justice: Martial Law. Soldiers patrol the land rather than law keepers, any crime is immediately dealt with by them as they find it, they are judge jury and often executioner, even when little or no evidence supports them.

Theft Example:
If caught in the act, immediate execution.
Magicial Law: Unrestricted Magic is permitted and not monitored, often those with skill are sought after by the government or wealthy individuals for protection.
Architecture: Brold Architecture Stone and Wooden buildings, bare walls, Tarred wooden roofs, Houses are damp and cold because they want them to be, Plain in design, single level, Bigger Kandoi live in caves which have wooden frontages to them with doors. Mud roads, No sewage, No farms.



A moderate economy means high value goods are sometimes available, and occasionally wealthy induviduals will seek warriors for quests.
Taxation:High & Fair The poeple are all taxed evenly, although it is a high proprtion, but this will often drive the nation towards a singular goal or advance their society in some way.
Main Exports:None
Main Imports:None
Trade Partners:No Trade Partners - Aggressors This nation doesnt trade, it just takes and cares little of any consequences.


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State of War

Enemies at War: Anyone This nation will attack anyone they want to upon the orders of their leader, even trade partners, if they think it will be a net gain.

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Serpernt Guard The core of the Brold army, lightly equiped fighters that patrol the island, always seen in packs led by an induvidual Serpent Lord

Fighters on foot.
Light Armour, Bow or Sword, Claws.
Core Cavalry:Serpent Scouts Horses are a rarity on brold, the breading stock is often consumed if food is scarce. Those given horses to patrol the island protect them like children.

Fighter on Horse.
Light Armour, Spear, Claws.
Elite Infantry:Blessed Serpents A transformed Kandoi is bigger, faster, stronger than the others, often given units of infantry to lead, but in times of war they are orgainsed into units of their own.
As a unit they search out the flanks or other weekpoint in the enemy line, strinking hard and fast, before withdrawing.

Fighters on foot.
Light Armour, Heavy Warblades, Razor Claws.
Elite Cavalry:Abominations One in a hundred Kandoi emerge from the transformation with terrifing appearance, over ten feet tall and with muscles thicker than tree trunks, although called abominations these creatures are reveared in Kandoi society.
They forgoe the patroling duties to spend their time at war, either on an attack vessle or taking to the battlefield as a Supreme Commander.

Fighters on Nelyani Horse.
Medium Armour, Hugh Razor Claws
Unique Unit:The Touched The touched are female Kandoi who have induvidually been visted by Vorseth, chosen to recive special power over the serpent kind, these divine mages have the ability to summon forth whole swarms of lesser serpents, or a handfull of large serpents, or if they reach a greater undertanding, they can transform into a great snake of legand, known as a Constrictor.
A constrictor is as large as a dragon, able to spit forth corosive venom, bite clean through armoured foes and crush small buildings.

Mages on foot.
Robes, Claws.

Naval Forces

Escort ClassAsp
Waiting info
Escort ClassAdder
The Adder of Brold is more fearsome than its name might imply. A small attack craft designed for raids on coastal villages, it has a surprising array of weaponry given its diminutive size.
Ship of the LineViper
Waiting info
Ship of the LinePython
The Python’s primary goal is to soften the crew of a target, before any other ship from the fleet can take the material onboard for use in furthering the Broldic people.
Waiting info
To ensure it can reach its target, the forward Scorpion launches harpoons, that are wound in by capstans to drag enemy ships into range. Regardless, all who have faced

Renown Heroes

Elishhar; Empowered caster
The Abomination; The first abonination
The Devourer; Collossal snake residing beneath Brold
Mai'Esh; Kandoi Biomancer Adept

Notorious Enemies

The Grand AllianceThe Grand Alliance consits of Talax, Alantor, Ra, Razell, Thraw, Drakis and Mekis.


Lesser serpents, large Snakes, Lizards, Birds, Crocodiles, Blood feeding insects, Frogs, Large Spiders, Fish, Gorillas, Jaguar

Brold Military Forces

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