The infamous isles of bones is home to the even more infamous Arkarzan. The entire island is one gigantic fortress, edged by a fifty foot wall topped with huge warmachines, with no land gate in the outer wall a huge stone floodgate over a canal prevents access to the fortress's port, which in turn is the only way on or off the island.

The internal space is mostly open, the ruins of an ancient city barley visible, no living accommodation for Arkarzan's standing army is needed as they are not living and literally stand waiting.

The only standing structures are a ring of impossibly tall towers, with a central dome which serves as an entrance to the underground catacombs each tower is topped with a conical roof hiding their true purpose and is home to one of Arkarzan's Mortarion guard, each Mortarion is reasonable for sowing seeds of destruction in a different part of the world, and each tower houses both their plans, and a means to travel quickly to their area.

Tower name

Mortarion Guard & Title
Tower of Rage Ragnar Slayer of Heroes
Tower of Tyranny Brom General of the Dead
Tower of Hatred Chesco Reaper of Souls
Tower of Betrayal Ethrin The Deceiver
Tower of Shadow Sacrip Defender of the Isle
Tower of Vengeance Tal'eshin The Silent Assassin
Tower of Fear Blackstock The Hunter
Tower of Torture Takor Dragonspawn
Tower of Nightmares Dokren Reaper of Bones


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