Early on in the fall of the Zariger empire the humans in Blackmarsh found themselves abandoned, leaderless and without means to survive the nation fell into what it had always knows, enslavment, a single powerfull warrior rose up and took control, of everything.

Over the last four thousand years there has been many Warlords to rise to power. The current ruler is Commander Blacktone a ruthless tyrant that has only made his peoples lives worse, they scrounge a survival from the horrible enviroment they are trapped in, no escape is possible as there is no way out of Blackmarhs without a ship or an army.


Current leader: Commander Blackstone
Goverment: Tyranny Pretty much no goverment to speak of, a single induvidual rules of everyhting in thier domain, using either power or fear or most typically a combination of both.
Established: circa 5000 years ago


Philosophy: Expansionism Aggressive and consistently looking to gain territory or riches, will attack any nation it deems conquerable on masse, or induvidal raids for instant profit.
Alliances: None This nation might be at peace with other nations, but has not signed formal treaties.
Embassy Locations: None


Capital City: Panopticon Stronghold

The stronghold is located atop a huge mound of earth and iron ore, held aloft by magnetic energy from the Gate of Theyran, although all the people; warriors and slaves alike, belive this giant floating rock to be held aloft by the powerful warlord Blackstone.

The City itself fills the rock, with a solid stone wall around the edge, hundreds of buildings atop house the various warrior training grounds, gladiatorial arenas, prisions, armouries, brothels, altars, and the quaters of the warriors themselves.

At its center is a huge sqaure tower, with a basement ten levels deep into the rock and twenty levels above, at the top sits the chambers of the Warlord Commander Blackstone and his throne room, where sits his potent weapons

On the ground below the floating city the land even more barren than the surrounding land, no animals will pass under the rock, and the humans only go near to use one of the various manual lifts to reach the top.


Head of City:
Item Value Limit
Stationed Forces:
Prohibited Items:
Places of Worship
Trade Goods:
Regions: Black Region, The Mountians
Geography: Marshland 60%, mountains 30%
Landmarks: The Iron Gates

Huge Iron gates that connect the east and west walls, these gates only open when the Commander marches out to war

Built by the forced labour of ten thousand slaves.

Location: South Border, between the mountains
Built (Alliance Year): -1500
, The Black Crater

The original location of the city of Blackmarsh (Now named Panopticon), this whole section of land was ripped out of the earth by mages seeking a platform to use as a base to conquer the world, their plan quickly stopped in its tracks when the landmass got locked in postion above the Earth Gate

The crater is lined with fragments of the black iron that allowed them to lift the mass in one solid lump.

Location: One hundred mile snorth of Panopticon
Formed (Alliance Year): 287
The Black Tree

This withered and gnarled old oak tree is massive in size compared to any other tree within the marhes, the people of Blackmarsh belive the tree allows you to leave the dreaded land by granting passage to a hidden subterrainian passage, should a sutible offering be made.

In reality the tree is sentient, although rootered to the spot by a curse, the tree survives ad trhives by luring in victims and proptly devouring them once they pass through its roots.

Location: North east corner of the Blackmarsh
Cursed (Alliance Year): 1873
, The Boneyard

A site of horrific slaughter, thousands of bones from hundreds of dragons, these bones date back to the first dragon war, though none of the people of Blackmarsh have any idea, the bones are rich in magical power and many a dark mage will seek these bones.

Normally bones from dead animals or humoids will decompose quickly in such an eviroment, but dragons bones are the opposite, instead lasting for an eternity.

Location: To the east, just north of the east mountains
Formed (Alliance Year): Age of Dragons
Climate: Cold and Dry


Pantheon Aspect: The Forces of Despair

The Aspect of Light comprises of Katrinix, Abixlion, Vorseth, Nazitsor and Trozok. They are the children of Saiyiden and as such older civilizations refer to this aspect as the the Aspect of Saiyiden.

Dieties: Katrinix, Abixlion, Vorseth, Nazitsor and Trozok
Collective Term: The Dark Lords
Primary deity: Katrinix
Dark Apostle: Szokkad
Secondry deities: Abixlion
Prohibited deities: Rayis, Victirus, Elfinihiar, Mathandria


Population: 8 million. Human

If you don't know what a human is, you're in trouble.

Quick to learn and adapt, they survive in all bar the most extreme of environments with ease.

Playable Race

(10%), Penal Labour

Human, Elf, Dawrf, or any other humanoid species that have are essential slaves to the authority around them

Starvation and enviroment mean they will often be weak and slow.

Playable Race

Spoken Languages: Common The widley used langauge of Terrainia, although it varis a little, through dialect and acent, it remains interprettable by anyone with the most basic of understanding of it.
Demonym: Marshlanders The people of Blackmars.
Laws and Justice: Tyrant No discernible law structure exists but should a penal labourer refuse to work when called, or do anything against the authority they will be immediatly executed by any witnessing guard.

Theft Example:
Magicial Law: Restriced to the authority Only the ruling officals and those they personally allow can use magic, all others are executed upon discovery.
Architecture: Blackmarsh Architecture Mixed low quality homes including mud huts and wooden shacks, no architectural form really exsists, buildings are cold and damp. Guard buildings are slightly better with wooden buildings raised off the ground, tarred roofs and shuttered windows. The Panopitcon buildings are stone and grand in comparison, but still simple in style.
On the ground there are no roads, Marshland area has shifting routes, no sewage, no farms. The Panopitcon has Paved roads and Underground sewage which spills on to the ground below the floating city.



A non exsistant economy, a single induvidual or group will control everything, the workforce are most likely slaves.
Trade with other nations will mostly likly include exporting whatever the slave force is gathering.
Taxation:None, No Earnings The inhabitants of the kingdom earn no money, so no taxes are collected, typically due to being slaves or prisoners.
Resources:Ashwood, Blackiron, Farming
Main Exports:Ashwood, Blackiron
Main Imports:
Trade Partners:Mekis, Zarak, Brold


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State of War

Enemies at War: Anyone This nation will attack anyone they want to upon the orders of their leader, even trade partners, if they think it will be a net gain.

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Penal Fighters The fighting forces that Commander Blackstone trains and equips just to launch attacks upon whatever nation he wants.
Forced conscription and volenteers trying to escape a life of suffering; both result in a fighting force of poor quality, the amrour and weapons they are given are produced without checks and will often fail in the heat of battle.
Fear drives the forward, hope keeps them alive, but it is not hope of victory, it is hope that during battle they might escape, one way or another.

Fighters on foot.
Light Armour, Rusty Blades and Clubs.
Core Cavalry:Packmasters For every hundred Penal Fighters there is a packmaster, sitting upon his heavy horse to goad them forward and to direct the battle, with barbed whip in hand they will viciously strike the fighters to move them on.

Fighter on Heavy Horse.
Medium Armour, BArbed Whip, Various other weapons.
Elite Infantry:Executioners The legion of executioners is normally spread across Blackmarsh, keeping the penal slaves in order, killing indisrimitely whenever they want.
On the battlefeild they are a merciless unit, armed with large curved axes ready to deal what they belive is justie to their enemies.

Fighters on foot.
Medium Armour, Executioners Axe.
Elite Cavalry:Headsmen Feared within Blackmarsh as a sign of impending death, these mounted soldiers ride from settlement to settlement purly to pick an unfortunate victim to decapitate, as a sign of the Warlords supreme power of his subjects.
In war these band to gether to compete to collect the most heads, a path of corpse lie in their wake, and after the battle the winner becomes a Death Rider.

Fighters on Heavy Horse.
Heavy Armour, Poleaxe.
Unique Unit:Death Rider Having become a death rider the warrior no longer roams the marshes, and takes up a perment residence within the capital, where they spend every day honing their martial skills, waiting for the call to battle.
When that call comes they ride to battle as champions of the Commander, leading from the front, their prowess causes terro in the enmy while emboldening the conscipts to far braver deads than they would have thought possible.

Fighter on foot or Horse.
Heavy Armour, Ensorcelled Blade, Guantlet Spike.

Naval Forces

Escort ClassTusk
Blackmarsh Tusks are the main ship in any slaver fleet. Swift and relatively durable, they can be sent out ahead to report on the enemy positions and, more than likely survive.
Escort ClassSnout
Snouts are towed behind the larger ships in a fleet, and let loose once battle is joined. Their goal is to cause havoc in the enemy lines, before the captain abandons them. The small store of oil and other flammables will be ignited by the captain before he escapes to sow maximum chaos in the enemy formation.
Ship of the LineBristleback
The Bristleback is the main fighting vessel of a Blackmarsh fleet. It has fewer weapons than might be expected of a ship of its size, instead, the hold is crammed with drugged slaves who are used as an expendable boarding force.
Ship of the LineBoar
Boars of Blackmarsh are designed to break apart enemy vessels, forcing them to disgorge their fleshy cargo into the ocean from whence they can be reclaimed. This means it is fitted with a heavy ram, and a Drakesbreath Ballista to smash apart any ship foolish enough to show itself.
The Skalmas is a part of the rock upon which the Panopticon Stronghold is built, carved off and kept afloat by the magicks of the witch Ageta. These are awarded to the foremost champions of Commander Blackstone, and strike fear into the hearts of the enemy as they swoop from the skies upon wings of leather.
A Borovir is almost cubic in shape, with banks of oars to shift its massive bulk. There are extensive holding cells underneath, and unruly captives are often strapped to the hull to sap their will. In terms of weapons, the Borovir boasts a strong complement of weapons with which to smash apart enemy vessels.

Renown Heroes

The Red Assassin; Mercenary Assasin favoured by Blackstone
Executioner Gord; Cyclop bodyguard of Blackstone
Dratsabamai; Death Rider of the 1st Order
Flotekar Grimrinn; Ogre Death Marshal

Notorious Enemies

The Grand AllianceThe Grand Alliance consits of Talax, Alantor, Ra, Razell, Thraw, Drakis and Mekis.
Queen Karla Raeger; Warrior Queen of Talax
King Ralor Masif; Templar King of Alantor


Rats, Snakes, Reptiles, Lizards

Blackmarsh Military Forces

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