Alantor is a warrior nation, fuelled by honour and a distinct code of chivalry to protect the innocent and uphold the law. Total faith in the monarchy to keep them safe is compounded by a devout faith in their deity Victirus, who many believe has blessed their king Ralor with eternal life.

Although the nation is strong and the poeple feel safe two evils plauge the nation. The first is a long time enemy, first arising three thousand years ago, the Lupimuta of the underrealm known as Urmona, humans inflicted with a terrible curse of change.

Another powerul enemy is a fallen hero of Alantor and sister to the once wife of Alantor, she leads a demonic army to take what she belives is hers.


Current leader: King Ralor Masif
Goverment: Monarchy A monarchy is a form of government in which the right to rule is absolute until death or abdication, at which point the right is inherited by a predetermind other.
Line of Sucession:Karor Masif, Lenia Masif
Established: circa 4500 years ago


Philosophy: Loyalism Aggressive but with values, will only go to war to provide a better world for either their own nation, or to liberate another.
Will seek alliances with larger nations for security, smaller nations to protect them.
Alliances: The Grand AllianceThe Grand Alliance consits of Talax, Alantor, Ra, Razell, Thraw, Drakis and Mekis., nazakir
Embassy Locations: Talax City (Talax), Raykis (Talax)


Capital City:
Regions: East, West, South.
Geography: 20% Grassland, 50% forest, 20% Mountain
Landmarks: The College of Magic

Built by the Zariger as a fortress to conduct dark rituals then abandoned when they were overthrown by Alantir. Later it became inhabited by roaming monsters and the local people just left it as a dark reminder of their past.

When Ralor reunited the kingdom he personally led the charge to clear the structure to make the area safer, but quickly realised its potential and formed the college of magic.

Location: Centre of Alantor
Built (Alliance Year): Pre Alantor
, The Crux

A ring of low-level stones, inconspicuous to look at, the locals believe they date back from ancient times but are in fact a recent addition made to look old.

Constructed jointly by the Ursamuta and Ralor himself, these stones are the meeting point for the two races.

Location: On the southern edge of Deepwood forest
Built (Alliance Year): 2309
Kloin Causeway

The remains of an ancient bridge that once connected Alantor to its offshore landmass (now a collection of small stacks), the bridge has long gone but the arch connected to the mainland remains.

Location: One mile north of Kloin
Built (Alliance Year): Pre Alantor
, Deepwood Forest

Although the forests of Alantor are huge, the Deepwood forest is a distinct section.

Entry into the Deepwood is forbidden to all, signposts marks it perimeter and large chains stop those who miss the signs.

Location: The northern most part of the Alantor forest
Formed (Alliance Year): Age of Awakening
Climate: Temperate


Pantheon Aspect: The Forces of Light

The Aspect of Light comprises of Victirus, Rayis, Mathandria, and Elfinihiar. They are four of the five the children of Frahuden and as such older civilizations refer to this aspect as the the Aspect of Frahuden.

Dieties: Victirus, Rayis, Mathandria, and Elfinihiar
Collective Term: The Gods of Light
Primary deity: Victirus
Castellan: Aliza Mulla
Secondry deities: Rayis
Prohibited deities: Katrinix, Nazitsor, Abixlion


Population: 4 million. Human

If you don't know what a human is, you're in trouble.

Quick to learn and adapt, they survive in all bar the most extreme of environments with ease.

Playable Race

(95%), Half Elf

An offspring of an Elf and a Human.

A blend of the two species, resulting in a shorter lived, more adaptable elf.

Playable Race


Creation of Mathanria, a more naturalised huamn, but shorter and stockier to live within the world.

Much more intuned with nature than other species, except possibly the Nelothi (Wild Elves).

Playable Race

(>1%), Others (>1%)
Spoken Languages: Common The widley used langauge of Terrainia, although it varis a little, through dialect and acent, it remains interprettable by anyone with the most basic of understanding of it.
Demonym: Alantorian The people of Alantor.
Laws and Justice: True Justice. The Laws of the land are fair and right, neither favouring the monarchy or the elite, those found to have broken any laws are put on trial by jury, although punishments are extreme.

Theft Example:
If proven by trial, will typically result in the loss of a finger or hand.
Magicial Law: Schooled: Magic is permited and through schooling, encouraged. Collage of Magic
Architecture: Alantor Architecture Grey stone, Thick walls, Oak Beams, Thatched or flat stone roofs, Square windows, Stained Glass, Buttresses. Roads are paved, Underground sewage systems. Farms are fenced privately owned property.



A strong economy means high value goods are readily available, and wealthy induviduals often seek warriors for quests or for personal guard.
Taxation:Low & Fair Taxation hits the rich more than the poor, and is managable for all
Resources:Mining (Gold, iron)
Main Exports:Steel, Weapons, Armour
Main Imports:Furs, Machine parts
Trade Partners:Talax, , Sovin, Mekis


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State of War

Enemies at War: Snaskik, Ur'Mona
High MarshallJulius Dorfmann

Military Forces

Core Infantry:Armsman The core of Alantor's fighting strength, training is done in the field.

Fighter on foot.
Medium Armour, Shield, Spear
Core Cavalry:Knights Errant To become a knight of Alantor you must become a knight errant, this is two years of service and one must devote oneself to Victirus.
Only after the two years may they reach the Alantir Knights, only about half make it, through death or failure to meet the exceptional standard.

champion on Horseback.
Heavy Armour, Shield, Longsword and Lance
Elite Infantry:Heavy Armsman For those that don’t want the champion life, there is the Heavy Arms Men, the elite few amongst infantry regiments, often tasked with missions of tactical side play, or to delve into the dark of the under realm.

Heavy Fighter on foot.
Heavy Armour, Shield, Spear
Elite Cavalry:Alantir Knights The strongest and most devote of heavy cavalry will become Knights of Alantir, these champions are offered greater power by their deity and ride to battle not on horses, but on a celestial steed.

champion on Celestial Horse.
Heavy Armour, Shield, Longsword and Blessed Lance
Trained Beasts:War Hounds Canines trained to hunt and attack the handlers target.

Medium Wardogs.
Warmachines:Trebuchet Wooden constructions which requires a whole squad of soldiers and serfs to opperate.

Large rock throwing device.
Unique Unit:Knights Templar The most powerful, bravest, pious of knights can become a knights templar, an exemplar of the champion code, tasked with demon hunting and slaying, these knights know no fear.

Templars who can summon Celestial Horses, Griffons or Drakes.
Heavy Armour, Shield, Magical Longsword

Naval Forces

Escort ClassAlantorian Crusader
The crusader is a ship crafted almost exclusively for younger children of nobles and errant adventurers. It is the fastest of all Alantor-crafted ships, with its only real armament being a catapult on the fore deck.
Escort ClassAlantorian Warden
The warden is a small ship hired by coastal knights, designed to protect their holdings, and manned by yeomen and peasants from their fiefdom.
Ship of the LineAlantorian Seneschal
The seneschal of Alantor is a ship that Ralor Massif requires all his major landholding subjects to construct and maintain. This construction is subsidised by the crown, although it is not uncommon for many of the highest ranking nobles to customise it with modifications. The Seneschal, as its name implies is a mostly defensive ship; it is designed to patrol the coastal waters of Alantor.
Ship of the LineAlantorian Victory
The Victory, is one of the most eponymous of Alantor warships. Designed to charge full tilt at the enemy lines and deliver the killing blow to left and to right of it. Its commanders despite what you might first imagine are not impetuous youngbloods seeking greater glory for themselves, but seasoned veterans, who realise that a fast attack is often the key to breaking an enemy’s spirit and forcing them from the field, and in the process saving your own subjects from certain destruction. The victory itself is a solid-looking ship with thick armour and two decks or ominous looking weaponry stowed beneath the decks.
FlagshipKing's Ark
Heading many of the fleets of Alantor, is the King’s Ark. These ships are authorised for construction by King Ralor Masif himself. At first glance they are under-equipped compared to other ships of the same size, however, they hide a secret weapon; a cohort of Knights Templar
FlagshipAlantorian Drakeslayer
The Drake-Salyer is sleeker than one would expect of most Alantor ships, designed to engage in aerial combat against foes such as drakes. Its ballista is forged in the city of Berkit and blessed by the priests of Victirus in that city. The final result is designed as a sleek vessel for a lord or other to take the fight to the enemies of Victirus and the Grand alliance.

Renown Heroes

Salena; Alantor warrior priest granted Angelism
Admiral Thurstan; First Admiral of the fleet, advisor to the King
Albrad Baumer; Chief Inquisitor of the Templers

Notorious Enemies

Morphian; Huge Werewolf Lord
Salithria; Sister to Salena
The Violet Heart; Vicious of pirates the seas around Talax


Boars, Horses, Big Cats, Deer, Small Woodland Mamials, Aurochs, Rodents, Birds, Snakes, Wolves, Marten

Alantor Military Forces

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