The Obsidian Five

Terrainia looked doomed, an age of darkness was looming, but such conflict could not go unoticed by the noble dieites and they quickly realised the dark gods had broken the intervention laws.  They were left with little choice but to do so themselves, so each selected a vessel to recive thier divine power, but they had not the time for gentle blessings and gradual growth, so they set about a quest, one that would see the chosen heroes achive greatness through thier deeds.

After a year the quest was complete, the five heroes returned to thier kingdoms to vanquish the risen evil from darkness, although each had endured a lengthy battle againt evil and suffered personal loss, they returned heroes of a new age. Each of these heroes took power from the corrupt, or claimed thier birthright, or returned to continue the good fight and each became glorious eternal kings or queens.

Grand Alliance

Although the armies of evil were destoryed, and the evil at the heart erradicated, no chance would be taken, armies were rebuilt, strengthed and defences fortified further, unexpected attack would never be so again. The hero kings and queens signed the first pact of alliaegance, a true alliance to be there for one another, the Grand Alliance. This alliance soon brought many lone nations into its fold, and soon the alliance would span half the world.

Within a centuary the world was rebuilt and more so, and it became eveident to the citizens that thier new leaders were just, honourable, pious and devout, and immortal, able to survive wounds that would end the life of any other.

With their reputation preceding them the leaders of the alliance were able to broker treaties with otherwsie hostile nations, even opening trade routes to the once enemy lands, furthering the advancement of the world. Of course, those who refused to sign and those who were never approched disliked the power the alliance was gathering, but having seen challanges from more powerfull forces they had little choice than to stay their hand.


For three thousand years the grand alliance kept the world at peace, when an outside forced dared to rear its head, it was swiftly dealth with my various factions of the alliance.

Memories of past times of strife passed into legand and the legand of the dragons passed into myth, only the eternal elves within Dasima could recall a time before the Immortals and even they had forgotten how the gods once walked the world.

Of course evil is still prominant within the world, and even when this evil has armies of vast numbers, it had never sought to ursurp the surface world. Even Katrinix was content in watching years pass by, her long term plans ever in motion. But that does not mean that there are not creatuers of evil lurking, waiting for the right time to strike.

Old Enemies Return

Three thousand years after his defeat, the Lord of the Dead has returned, an unwitting band of adventurers, seeking glory and wealth were ticked into returning Arkarzan to the mortal realm. This terrifing evil has claimed a small island once used to defend a area of ocean from pirates, now dubbed the 'Isle of Bones.

Moprphian, an ancestor of the powerful lycan Morpheus that half destoryed Alantor has risen to power, eager to claim his self proclaimed birthright he seeks to once more attack the surface, although he is more cunning than his ancestor and has bargined with the other lycanthropic races for thier aid.

The duregir live! and are more powerful than ever, the dwarf race is once again beaten into submission, but more importantly the duregir are digging, deep into the mountin, looking for something that could end the world as they know it.

New Enemies Rise

Once a proud sister of Alantor, a warrior priestess who had fought and killed many enemies in the Kings name, but now she has fallen to darkness, a promise of eternal power turned her mind, and now she is the Demon Queen Salithria, and she wants the kings crown, and his head.

A faction of drow have come out of hiding; tired of waiting for their mistress to execute her plan they have move against the island of Sovin. Led by the Spider queen and llied with the brutal orcs, the drow appear to be searching for somthing but the halflings have no idea what, but they know she must not find it.

The Frozen North is home to a race of elves that were exiled by dasima before the human nations rose from the ashes of the duregir empire, and these elves have found something they belive will let them conquer Dasmia and return to thier immortal homeland.

Only the future knows how this will end.

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