Koradeen Kor-a-deen is the dieity of the Kor race of Thraw, Koradeen's accended form awoke millenia after passing, but millenia before the poeple of Thraw became aware of her. With a naturally awakened deity without a following she spent those millenia shaping a tribe of lost humans upon the island of Korrina.

Going directly against the Intervention Laws The Intervention Laws are a set of rules laid down by the elder dragons upon the realsation they could effect the course of the world even after ascension.
1) No deity is to harm a living creature.
2) No deity is to intervene in the affairs of mortals.
3) Deities may only use thier power through those that offer devotion.
4) Deities may only take a single mortal form to advise and mate.
    i) Offsrping of mortal/god unions must not be informed unless they:
       a) Unlock thier powers first. or
       b) Perform a meaningful and selfless deed.
    ii) Offspring of mortal/god unions must be offered a place in the plane of thier patron upon death.
cost her dearly, this act of defiance, even for a child of Mathandria would not go unpunished, Koradeen was exiled from the plane of Earth; her formless spirit took refuge within Alishar, the celstial plane, where she found herself with the spirits of the celestials, her once kin.

During this exile the Kor race deveolped in a way unforseen by both Koradeen and the Eldars, they evolved, their form taking on a bird like attribute. In her absence the Kor found traces of her exsistance and many grouped together to form a cult, this cult eventially rose to power and beacem the dominate faction upon the island. After several generations the old huan way was forgotten, the race of Kor had awoken and they offered prayer to their creator, and once sufficant woshipers accepted her has thier dieity she was able to reconnect to the material plane

Basic Information

Pantheon Rank: Scion A direct decendant of an elder dragon, from a time before man and elf, awoken later and passed to godhood after death. (Metallic - )
Plane of Residence:


Pre Ascension:
Post Ascension:
Prefered Mortal:


Holy Day: Sowing Festival
Time of Worship:
Current Avatar:


Unique Discipline:

Heroic Follower Blessings

Chosen Weapon:
Healer Type:

Deity Portrait

Koradeen Symbol:


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