The Spider Queen

A colossal spider with ancient intellect, over millennia she has risen to power beneath the island of Vin, forming pacts with the wild creatures, the Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and Minotaurs, along with various, bigger, creatures.

A blessed cleric of Abixlion she has access to devastating magic, but is rarely seen in any engagement, preferring to wage her war though her generals, a powerful collection of the biggest, cruellest, and vile humanoids that ever lived.

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The spider queen wasn’t always such an abomination; hundreds of years before Sakoria was a typical drow, elegant yet evil, obsessed with power and always looking for ways to take it. In her four hundred years of service to Katrinix, she rose to become a feared cleric of the deity, so much so that she expected to become the next high cleric of the Yulinosi house, the biggest drow house of the underworld of Terrainia.

Unwilling to wait; Sakoria betrayed the current high cleric, but in the moment of action she was spotted by the matriarch herself, and left with a single choice, to kill the mother of the house or to flee, she chose the path that led to more power, but the matriarch was a favoured daughter of Katrinix, and the moment the cleric drove her dagger into the matriarch the deity granted his cleric one last time.

As the matriarch fell to the floor, lifeless, Sakoria was overcome with pain, her body began to tear itself apart, lesions formed across her skin, bones cracked and splinted, her body began to transform. She woke after a few minutes, the chamber was a mess, but she looked down from a view well above her own, she looked at her hands, her lesions had gone, but out the corner of one eye she noticed the high clerics hanging mirror, broken but still large enough to give her a first glimpse of what she had become.

The spider Sakoria was born, she fled the city and delved deep into the underworld, far beyond the reach of any drow or other intelligent life. She remained there for almost a full century, but on the hunt for food she happened upon a drow settlement, in a rage borne out of her sudden remembrance of the past she slew the entire settlement, feasting on their flesh while the settlement burned around her. This was the catalyst that drew her mind back from the frightened creature that once fled the city, in the absence of fear came the thirst for power, hunger for food replaced by the hunger for revenge.

Over the following years she made her way to the underworld beneath the island of Vin, searching for an ancient artefact that would allow her to reclaim the power she once had. With her unnatural visage and mighty strength she was able to rally the orc tribes she encountered, they flocked to her like a moth to a flame, as did other lost drow, and other humanoid evil, she took them all in, and once her following became large enough another deity took notice, Abixlion took his advantage and bestowed an already powerful creature with further power, her clerical skills allowed to utilise everything he had to offer.

With an army amassed, powerful generals at her command, she opened the gates of the underworld to the land above, and once more, the island of Vin found itself embroiled in a bitter war.

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