Karla Raeger

Karla Raeger is the current Queen of the Talax empire, a just and honourable leader of her people and fierce defender of the innocent. A capable, magically enhanced fighter who will personally lead the charge against even the evilest of foes.

Karla is over three thousand years old and has seen many battles, but her quest for peace has conquered them all, she has been instrumental in the formation of the Grand Alliance and works tirelessly to see evil eradicated from her world.

Character Details

Title or Rank Queen of Talax
Race: Enhanced Human

Each enhanced human was once a normal human before undergoing a transformation by magical or divine power (Most willingly, but not all).

Usually permanent, the result includes vast improvements to the characters physical and/or mental characteristics.

Playable Race

Tier / Class: Legendary

Character Tiers

Legendary A level beyond that of normal heroes, famed throughout Terrainia.

  ➥ Aspirant
    ➥ Adventurer
      ➥ Veteran
        ➥ Hero
          ➥ Legendary

            ➥ Mythical
              ➥ Divine
                ➥ Transcendent
                  ➥ Godlike
, Warrior

Basic Class

A trained soldier who excels with both blade and bow, a warrior can come from any walk of life, strong of body and mind.

Proficient in all armours and with all bar the most exotic weapons, able to take on a variety of battlefield roles

Class Qualities

Type Role Bonus Power Source
Melee Tank/Damage Strength

(Lord of War

Elite Class

Only the most skilled warriors could attain the class of Lord of War, they need advanced skills in Strategy, Tactics and leadership, as well as unmatched skill with a variety of weapons.


Class Level Tranier Special
Fighter Hero Karla Raeger None

Age: 3067
Persona: Saviour
Always looking out for those less fortunate, will put themselves in harms way to save an inncocent creature.
Chosen Deity: Rayis


Primary Weapon: The Blade of Talax

The Blade of Talax

Sunfury Bastard Sword


Pure white blade when inactive, wreathed in divine flames when active.


The magical sword Karla Raeger returned with shortly before she became queen, its origin is unknown to the citizens but some officials know this to have been found during her time abroad.
Secondary Weapon: Grace of Kings

Grace of Kings

Silvered Dagger of Paralyzing


The finest silver blade with a jewel encrusted hilt.


A gift from Ralor Masif, to replace the one she lost saving his life, the blade was a visual replica but holds a powerful enchantment. It is a rarely seen item, but Karla keeps it on her at all times.
Ranged Weapon:




Armour: Gwanhails Defence

Gwanhails Defence

Indomitable Half Plate


Golden armour with lavish detailing, part of the ceremonial set given by her father, further enhanced during her divine quest.


The armour commissioned by her father for her coming of age ceremony, further enhanced during her time abroad.
Shield: Shield of Rayis

Shield of Rayis

Mithrill Targe


A gold circular shield, with the emblem of the sun engraved and inlaid with silver.


Commissioned by the people of Asifamel, forged by the finest smiths of Talax, this shield was given as a gift for Karla's coronation as a sign of their gratitude and their total faith in their glorious queen.
Hands: Hands of Rayis

Hands of Rayis

Gauntlets of Flame Strike


Golden armour to match that of her armour, this set looks identical to the original, but is far more enhanced,


This replacement set was designed to keep enemy magic at bay.
Boots: Boots of Swiftness

Boots of Swiftness

Boots of Swiftness


Brown leather plated with golden layers of armour.


The armour plating is magically enhanced, the boots beneath wear out with time and are replaced as necessary.
Cloak: Cloak of Radiance

Cloak of Radiance

Cloak of Greater Radiance


White silk, worn as either a traditional cloak, typically when in battle or on the move, or worn as a dress during official engagemen


Made for her coronation.
Headpiece: Crown of the Empire

Crown of the Empire

Crown of Greater Leadership


A circlet of gold, with a frontal peek witch radiates an soft aura.


Her fathers crown reforged with the central piece of her own.

Magic Items

Magic Ring: Ring of Hoardrin

Ring of Hoardrin

Ring of Athleticism


An unassuming ring of gold, with no inscriptions.


Part of her original ceremonial outfit, in her fathers family for thousands of years.
Magic Ring: Raeger House Ring

Raeger House Ring

Ring of Protection


A delicate gold band with a black stone inset.


Gifted by her Father in Law hours before her battle with Arkarzan, his most prized possession.
Amulet: The Chronometer

The Chronometer

Luck Stealer Amulet


A golden, circular pendant attached to a gold chain, inlaid with a liquid metal.


Found after the final battle with Arkarzan
Other Item:



Other Item:



Charcter Traits

Legendary Leader A hero that anyone could follow, with inspiring speaches and heroic actions and leading by exmaple through fighting from the front., Diplomat An expert in communication and diplomacy, can read others and understand what they want.,        

Phsyical Enhancements

Obsidian Immortal

An obsidian immortal has incredibly fast healing, immunity to most poisons, immunity to critical hits, inherent bonus to all saves, immunity to mind control effects.

An obsidian immortal will pass an effect known as Obsidian Heir to their children.


Combat Abilities

Expert Swordsman Proficiant with all weapon types to a remarkable level, can perform mighty feats in combat,          

Magical Abilites

Flame Strike

This character can summon a pillar of fire from the plane of fire.

This direct connection is far greater than any traditional spell and its range is only limited by the charcters line of sight.


Character Portrait

Family Tree

Noteable Ancestors: Gwanhail Hoardrin
Father: Volan Hoardrin
Mother: Karlaria Hoardrin
Children: Xvania Raeger / Jozin Raeger

Key Allies

Domestic Allies: Admiral Talin, Captain Gelen,
Foreign Allies: King Ralor Masif, Vila Songbird,

Game Guides

Character Sheet: Karla Raeger
NPC Usage Guide: (PDF Coming Soon)
Wargame Character: Karla Raeger


Karla was born during a total eclispe in the alliance year -20, her mother died during a prelonged childbirth leaving her father, King Volan, to raise her, to celebrate his new daughrer he renamed her birth city Karlaia.

While growing up she was taught the ways of royalty; how to govern and lead the people, with honour and respect for those around her including her subjects. Despite an period of peace the was trained to defend oneself, with blade and bow, with direct hand to hand combat, and importanly with reason and diplomacy.

For her sixteenth birthday her father planned a grand celebration for her coming of age ceramony, she was to be dressed in a illustrious suit of armour and given a heirloom weapon and ancient ring for the ceramony. But the ceramony never took place.

A few days before the ceremony she was performing a rehersal while her father attended a meeting of the Lords. On the evening of his return Karla waited in her full ceramonial outfit for him to examine and approve. But when the king re-entered the city it was attacked by a legion of the undead, led by the necromancer Arkarzan. A terrible battle took place, the city fell and her father was killed by Arkarzan himself.

Karla was sheltering from the attack when she received a divine vision which instructed her to seek out a ancient outpost, she fled the city and began a long and arduous quest, joined by others that had recived the vision and together they accomplished something truely astounding.

When she returned she weiled a power like no other, first she took back control of her fatehrs army, then led them to victory. She defeated Arkarzan and destoyed his armies, her nation saved the line to the throne restored, she became Queen.

((3 thousand years of rule, lots to fill in))

Three thousand years after his defeat, Arkazan returns, more powerful than ever and with a series of powerful anit-heros leading armies of thier own, he marches on Karlaira once more.

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