Ralor Masif

Ralor is the very embodiment of a paladin, a just, noble and powerful warrior of good, he is the current King of Alantor, loved by his people and feared by his enemies.

The king is over three thousand years old, and started off as a soldier in the Alantor army, but upon returning from a divine quest he re-established the Monarchy and with in returned Alantor to order once more

Character Details

Title or Rank King of Alantor
Race: Enhanced Human

Each enhanced human was once a normal human before undergoing a transformation by magical or divine power (Most willingly, but not all).

Usually permanent, the result includes vast improvements to the characters physical and/or mental characteristics.

Playable Race

Tier / Class: Legendary

Character Tiers

Legendary A level beyond that of normal heroes, famed throughout Terrainia.

  ➥ Aspirant
    ➥ Adventurer
      ➥ Veteran
        ➥ Hero
          ➥ Legendary

            ➥ Mythical
              ➥ Divine
                ➥ Transcendent
                  ➥ Godlike
, Paladin

Basic Class

A divine warrior who excels with both melee combat and magical prowess, tough, strong willed and determined they are the champions of their deities and represent them on the battlefield

Proficient in the heavier armours and with most melee weapons, they will lead from the front and give their lives to save others.


Elite Class

Reserved for the highest-ranking knights of Alantor, only after proving their dedication to Victirus and their King do they get initiated into the templar brotherhood.


Class Level Tranier Special
Paladin Hero Ralor Masif None
Age: 3071
Persona: Crusader
Activily seeks out evil, will undertake taska for little personal gain, considers it thier duty to uphold the law.
Chosen Deity: Victirus


Primary Weapon: The Kingsblade

The Kingsblade

Aethergal Longsword


Smooth palladium blade, a black leather grip and a hilt built to deflect any blow.


forged for the first king of Alantor and handed down through generations, passing into legend when the line ended. Ralor Masif's grandfather was the keeper of the sword and passed it to his son, who passed it to Ralor
Secondary Weapon: Voulage of Purity

Voulage of Purity

Voulage of Purification


A silver plated, palladium core polearm, the head of which is forged from multi layered silver


Forged after the death of Morphin, as a weapon to test the purity of future paladins of Alantor.
Ranged Weapon:




Armour: Plate of the Bulwark

Plate of the Bulwark

Greater Resistance Full Plate


Palladium Armour with simple decoration.


His original military issue full plate, enhanced through divine means to offer even greater protection.
Shield: Shield of Victirus

Shield of Victirus

Palladium Kite Shiel


3 foot tall and delicately engraved.


Found in the vaults of the palace shortly after defeating Morphus
Hands: Bracers of Might

Bracers of Might

Bracers of Greater Strength


Palladium bracers to match his armour


Forged for his coronation by the free people of Alantor.
Boots: Greaves of Stoicism

Greaves of Stoicism

Greaves of the Adventurer


Steel plate boots with palladium plating.


A set of boots to replace the normal military issue ones he wore during his quest to free Alantor.
Cloak: Cloak of the Kings Word

Cloak of the Kings Word

Cloak of Greater Charisma


Traditional blue cloth as worn by the Templar Order.


Made for his grandfather when he joined the order, repaired by his grandmother on his return.
Headpiece: Helm of the King

Helm of the King

Divine Helm of Kingship


A palladium helm with blue tinted wings and a frontal visor that closes from both sides


The first king of Alantor's original divine gift, found on the obsidian quest.

Magic Items

Magic Ring: Ring of the Templars

Ring of the Templars

Ring of Accuracy


A silver band with a diamond inset inside a ruby.


A gift from the head of the Templar order, marking his acceptance of Ralor as his one true king.
Magic Ring: Ring of the People

Ring of the People

Ring of Protection


A simple iron band with no markings.


Reclaimed from the corpse of the corrupt chancellor, once used to mark the office of the chancellor, now a reminder to those who would usurp the king.
Amulet: The Bearskin Insignia

The Bearskin Insignia

Amulet of Natural Amour


A bronze disc with a pawprint on one side and a hand on the other.


Presented by the leader of the werebears as a symbol of their alliance.
Other Item:



Other Item:



Charcter Traits

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Phsyical Enhancements

Obsidian Immortal

An obsidian immortal has incredibly fast healing, immunity to most poisons, immunity to critical hits, inherent bonus to all saves, immunity to mind control effects.

An obsidian immortal will pass an effect known as Obsidian Heir to their children.


Combat Abilities

Lay on Hands Through contact, this character can heal the wounds of thier allies, Divine Mount A connection accross the planar boundries allows this character to summon a mighty steed from the celestial realm, Smite The abiltiy to channel raw divine energy through thier blade, unleasing the force upon contact, Crusader In the darkest night, when the odds are low, this fighter excels, with an aura that radiates a divine light ,    

Magical Abilites


Character Portrait

Family Tree

Noteable Ancestors:
Children: Karor Masif / Lenia Masif

Key Allies

Domestic Allies: ,  
Foreign Allies: Queen Karla Raeger, Vila Songbird,

Game Guides

Character Sheet: Ralor Masif
NPC Usage Guide: (PDF Coming Soon)
Wargame Character: Ralor Masif


Artwork of Terrainia

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